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You Never Know 'Till You Try

I am an ore thief and all that entails. I understand what the average opinion is of ore thieves but what’s the difference between myself and a low sec pirate. Players take a risk jetcan mining just like they do going into low sec. They know the risks. So I am making ISK off another players hard work just like a pirate is. Do you not think a player had to earn the ISK to buy those expensive modules they have on their ship? How do you think they made that ISK? Did they spend days mining or running missions or ratting. It all takes time and effort on their part. I am merely stating this to avoid the meaningless flames towards me for playing the game the way I want. Now onto my story.

I have recently trained the skills to get into Gallente Assault Frigates and have chosen the Ishkur because I love drones. I named it my Incurses to confuse noobs into thinking they were facing a weaker ship and attack me hehehe. So I am scouting systems near Jita for jetcan miners when I come across a group in local named xyz01, xyz02, and xyz03. Names have been changed to protect the noobs. So I track them down and find they have three jetcans out. After inspecting them I one full and the other two partially full with Pyro, Plagio and Scrodite. So I do what must be done and create my own can and transfer their full can into it. Then I head to one of the other cans while I am waiting for an angry horde of drones to appear. To my dismay they didn’t. In the mean time while waiting on the timer to run down so I can create another jetcan their hauler, a Bestower, shows up. So I wait patiently and sure enough it pays off. One of their Covetor’s creates another jetcan then transfers all the ore out of my can into their own and it pops. With out hesitation I warp scramble him and release my five light drones. They soar in and start to swarm around him chewing through shields, armor then structure in a matter of seconds. In the wreck I find two strip miners and some other gear.

After looting the wreck I speed down to the Bestower which is now using a tractor beam to bring their cans towards it. I quickly swap the ore into a new jetcan and I don’t know if he just wasn’t paying attention or what but he all of a sudden starts to flash red. Another kill for the evemail. To my surprise and elation the wreck yielded a pair of Beta Cargo Expanders. Woohoo. Once that wreck was looted I watched the second Covetor warp out of the belt then it disappeared from local. I went and got my own Bestower, which was only one system away, and started hauling off my loot. It dawned on me that they just lost 20plus mil in ISK and since one of their members was still in local I decided to try something I had never tried before. I sent a convo to him without really expecting a reply cause ISK farmers and macrominers rarely talk and their name smelled of these vermin. But this one obliges and I explain that if he wants to jetcan mine in the local systems which have some great belts he needs to pay me ten mil isk per week for me to leave him alone. I tell him to evemail me his decision and I shut down the convo. Not five minutes later I get an evemail saying ok and my wallet shows a player donation of ten mil ISK!!!! I can’t stop laughing. I wonder if I can get anyone else to fall for this.

Cleared for publication by: Ander

Sometimes the gazelle becomes the lion

I am what most refer to as a Carebear. I have only played for almost 3 months but I learn quickly. I am building up my minerals for some ship building so I have been doing alot of ore theft against jetcan miners. I outfitted a Ferox incase someone gets froggy and it has served me well. Well yesterday i decide to do some rat hunting in Eifer a .4 system feeling my trusty battlecruiser can get me out of any trouble i might encounter. Its a nice shield tank with 2 warp core stabilizers incase I get into a fight I can't win. So I am in a belt picking up cans when a Pirate blinking red warps in. He's in an Ishkur assault frigate and is about 70km away. I am as slow as a pregnant cow flying without an AB so I know I can't unrun him if he gets close. Well i reach my can and start to warp out so I can warp in closer to one of my other cans that a bit far away. As I start to leave he target locks me but in a flash I am gone. I reach the planet I was aiming for and begin the warp cycle to head back and the Ishkur warps in almost on top of me and starts to target me. Before he gets a shot off though I am gone. As I head to my last can which is about 80km from the belt center he shows up again and starts heading towards me. Well this time I decide what the hell. If things go bad I can always escape.

I target lock him and start sending out heavy missiles. They are hitting decently and with my first hits he is down a third of his shields. Then his drones pop out. Five tech 2 hobgoblins reach me quickly and start to work on my shields which are at about 11700. I decide his drones are my biggest threat so I launch my drones 1 Med and 3 light and send them after his drones. They pop 2 pretty quick in the meantime he has me down to less then half my shields and I am into his armor now. As he closes i hit him with my med and small nos and my 7500m warp scrambler. His guns start to add to the drone damage as his third drone goes pop. Then i decide I need to finish this as I have less then 10% shields> sending my drones after him directly they start to eat quickly into his structure. I know I got him now and he does to cause he starts to move outside my warp scrambler range. Its too late though. His ship explodes in a beautiful burts of brite light. I target his pod but the lock fails and I try again but then he warps away to safety. As I head for his cargo container we both give each other the GF and I count myself lucky because my shields were almost gone. But they held which was nice. I pick up the remaining drones and his can had some other tech 2 items. Total value on what I found was about 5 mil. I wish I had gotten his pod though and collected the 2.5 mil bounty he had on him. Maybe next time I tell myself.

As I am about to leave the system he warps back in and asks for a rematch. He says he is in a Thorax cruiser now and I chuckle to myself. If he could get my shields down in an assault frigate I think he would get me in the cruiser so I politely decline. He begins to call me scared and I am a carebear and such. I remind him this carebear will be selling his modules for a nice price and I appreciate the fight and the irony. I jump to high sec space and head for home.

Cleared for publication by: Ander

Ferox Shield tank

This is my setup for my PvP Ferox

High Slots: x5 Markuth Heavy Missile Launchers, 2 Medium Nosferatus
Medium Slots: x4 Large Azeotropic Ward Salubrity Shield Extenders, 1 Warp Disruptor I
Low Slots: x2 Warp Core Stabilizer Is, x2 Shield Rechargers
Drones: 1 med and 3 lights.

This is an awesome Shield tank with over 11700 shield points. With the recharge rate increased this is a tough nut to crack. This was my setup when taking down a pirate Ishkur with tech 2 fittings and tech 2 drones. Your drone compliment can vary.

Cleared ofr publication by: Ander

Bait & Switch

I am a two month old player to Eve and have been an avid reader of since I started. I wanted to share one of my stories just cause it has amused me thinking about it. I have become better and better at ore thieving and disrupting macrominer operations by flying in with my Burst Frigate and swapping jetcans. If they fire on me then I make my escape back to station and return with my Ferox to put the hurt on them. If they don’t take their ore back and get flagged then I return with my trusty Bestower and haul my loot away.
Just recently I was doing some belt hopping in my Burst when I came across an Osprey with a mining setup. He had mining drones and several mining laser hard at work. I come up on his jetcan and he has it practically full with plagioclase so I do what any true-blue ore thief would do. I start my own jetcan and make what is his mine. It takes a few minutes for him to react but he takes something out of the can and starts blinking red. He might have even fired at me but I was out of range when it happened and my shields didn’t move. So I race back to the station like a girl on her first date, grab my Ferox and race back. When I get there I am disappointed to find he is gone. I check the timer and I have been flagged by his corp. I take a quick look in the belt and find a Raven sitting there. I nearly wet myself knowing he could pound me to ash so I look up his info and find he is with the corp I am flagged for.
So I quickly start to warp out of the belt heading for the station when he targets me and blinks red. As the warp cycle going through its motions I let off a spread of five Havoc missiles in his direction and then I am in warp. The typical noob that I am never bothered to setup a bookmark for the station. So as I am waiting to traverse the fifteen kilometers at just over two hundred m/s I see the Osprey pop out of the station he is just twenty five kilometers away so I target him and begin firing. Just as he is down to half armor the Raven warps in at ten kilometers behind me. I laugh as the distance closes to the station. I have the Osprey just into structure when I hear my worst nightmare.
“Docking permission denied.” NOOOOO!!!!!
So I quickly take down the Osprey then I turn my attention to the Raven. I launch my drones and hit him with my medium nosferatu. With missile launchers and my med autocannon blazing his shields start to drop. Unfortunately my shields are dropping way faster then his. I am hoping my armor hardeners will give me the edge. Nope he is cutting through them like butter despite my Medium Armor repairer. Then it gets worse. My capacitor is empty. Damn I am half way into his armor when he has me at half structure. In one last act of defiance I target lock the station and ignoring the warning I fire my autocannon at it. Next thing I know there’s a blinding light and I am floating in just a pod. I head into the station and check my evemail. YES!!! Concord got the kill.
So I jump in my Burst and head back out. I race to the nearest can and it’s the Osprey’s. A couple of cargo expanders and mining laser two is all that’s their but the Raven starts firing again getting my poor frigate down to half armor before I get back into the station. I quickly repair it and race back out to get my can. I grab it and head back in. With my adrenaline pumping I stop to look at local and they are flaming me for taking the ore in the first place and was it worth it now. Hell yes!! When the time goes to zero I head out with my Bestower and head for the Belt. LOL I guess in all the excitement they forgot about it. It takes two trips to get it all back.
In the second trip there’s a Pod sitting next to a can so head over and swipe up its contents to. It has a Cargo expander with a name I don’t recognize so I check the market. Twelve mil ISK is the going price of this piece of hardware. So I sell it and head out to get a new Ferox with huge smile on my face. I wonder what tomorrow will bring when I do it all again.

Cleared for publication by: Ander