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Carebear Stare

Quick one this time.

I was out in RISE space, with some SNIGGs and a few Goons. I'm out in a Myrmidon. We're generally looking about searching for stuff to kill. We had a Drake jump through into the gate we were camping, and cloaked again. We couldn't find him to de-cloak him so eventually most of us warped off searching for more targets, but one guy stayed behind.

We get the call that he's de-cloaked, and been tackled, and we all rush back. Shooty shooty, and just has the hull is about to be breached, the dictor pilot throws up a bubble. Love Goons. Pod goes squish, and I'm on the pod mail. Those 2 sensor boosters really help.

After that we spread our forces out to get cover all the gates. Again the call goes out that a target is seen, and we rush in. Too late however, as the guy got away. Someone saw the direction, and warped off telling where. I followed, and mid-warp I'm told there's a blob on the gate. Thats fantastic. I'm about to lose my Myrmidon because of Goons. Hate Goons.

I get to the gate, and its the carebear stare. Theres about 20 guys from RISE sitting here, all frigs and cruiser. One guy locks me and starts shooting. Three more lock me. I'm at 90% shield. Eventually they all start shooting me. I'm at two-thirds shield, and jump through, leaving them all on the wrong side of the gate.

I load up on the other side of the gate, and WHOOP WHOOP Whoop whoop..... I'm out of there faster than a cat that's been caught pissing on the bed.

Quickly make a SS, and sit there. No-one jumped in after me.

Love RISE.

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A Lazy night

I didn't plan on doing any fighting tonight. I logged in in a safespot, in a system that frequently has an ISK farmer in it. I'm in an Arazu, and cloaked as soon as I could see my screen. I had a cluster of belts in scan range, and just pinged the scanner every now and then.

All I logged in to do was to run some background checks. Then local lit up.

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The end of Nanophoons is near?

I'd just like to prefix this by saying its not a rant, whine, or call for a nerf. As far as I know, CCP has no plans to nerf them. But then, I'm not omniscient.

I'm hunting in one of the dead-end systems in Sniggerdly Country with a SniggWaffe pilot on standby in the next system. I'm running the scanner, and spot a Raven. I moved into a better position to track him down, and he's moved. So here I am blatting around the system between the gate and one planet, thinking I've got the whole system covered that way. Whoops, one planet wasn't covered. So I head to that planet and spy a Drake and a Vigil. Right now I'm thinking this is going to be good, but while running more scans to locate this Drake, I notice a Typhoon and Raven on scan.

Well, that smelled like a trap, and I for one wasn't going to bite it. As all pirates know, cowardice is the better part of discretion, and discretion is the better part of valour, so I valiently ran away. Just as I'm exiting warp I spy the Typhoon and the Vigil on the gate. I start screaming at the trainee to get the hell out, and make the jump. As soon as I hit the other side, the fun began.

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Piracy is dead (What?)

Various people have been saying on the EVE-O forums that piracy is dead. RIP, and all that.

Why? Warp to 0.

Now, I'm not the biggest and baddest pirate, but even I can see that these comments are a load of bollocks. Take the recent (and still going?) Amamake camp by Sniggerdly. We're killing all sorts of stuff. We've even hit shuttles. How? People are still using autopilot, or not scouting. Sure, we got run off the gate, but these things happen. Human stupidity will never change.

But if we ignore gate-camps, piracy is alive and swinging baby, and she's not taking prisoners. A group of my like minded (and blood thirsty) peers ganged up, and scanned out a Tempest running missions. Pop went the Tempest. The new scan probe system is great, and something I really need to get into. There are just so many cool things that have come in with Revelations, I'm going to be like a kid in a candy store for months to come. I can feel the siren call drawing me back in. I haven't felt so eager to play EVE since I joined SniggWaffe.

Now everyone, do yourself a favour. Get out there, and play with the new stuff. The ship builders will thank you.

BTW: that Hyperion is dead sexy ;-)

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Note: short post, but alright ;-)