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Against the odds...

Veiled Justice has been involved in many wars over the last 5 months. A lot of them have been quite simply event-less, and unprofitable, others have been a lot of fun.

Looking back for a moment on the war with Band of Bastards, the "1v1 cheaters" of my previous story that war turned out to be extremely boring. Luckily it was invalidated. They did nothing by undock in heavily tanked Doms, (which as most will know even as a newbie can hold a decent tank with good resistances) sat on top of the station and smacktalk us for our "puni" damage. If ever there where more than one of us online, they wouldn't undock at all, except in a shuttle to which again once they warped from the station they smacktalked about our "crappy tackling".

As merc's, Band of Basters are useless, unless you want to smacktalk your enemy to death or lag them out with massive Block lists....

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Cheats and Lies

Ten minuets online and the first unlucky victim was on the wrong side of my Firetails rockets... Yes, thats right I was pirating in a Republic Fleet Firetail, named Moth.

The Moth was a fast ship, but wasn't easy to fit, nor was it much when it came to damage. But it attracted people, as I was attracted to their lights. The last evening I had a Hulk attempt to kill me. I got 3/5 of its Tech2 drones, but when I left he didn't wait around.

Anyway, a (semi) defenceless hauler was still and easy kill. I continued on the hunt for another target and soon came across some people I met the night before also.

The encounter I had the night before was a tough one, my Firetail almost didn't survive and if the 'Rex pilot had have used his drones it would have met a explosive end. But here I was again, "stealing" their ore.

They were not happy, but today they where at least a little more prepared. My Firetail exploded, this time I was on the wrong end of a Republic Fleet Stabber, a fitting end to a Firetail no less.

It wasn't a problem, undocked in my Hurricane to try and catch them, as I undocked the Stabber docked. Shame. But I got an industrial right out side the station, and a Kestral in the belt.

Not long later a member of their corp decided to pick a fight with me. He was outside the station and I met him in my Rifter. A Drake was waiting, so I decided to let him Agro and then get my Hurricane. All worked and he shot me after I took his can. I docked to see 4 more of his members in the station. I didn't want to risk getting ganked in my Hurri, so I left in my Typhoon. The Drake was dead before he got through my shields.

I decided I would fit my Fleet Stabber and see if I could get the other pilot to 1v1 me, win or loose would have been a fun fight. So I undocked once fitted and dropped a can and waited.

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The day I almost killed a...

Well, it started out like a good day, the barge didn't even released any drones as I orbited speedily taking its Shields, armor and Structure...

I convo'd the pilot.

"10m or I will destroy your ship"... I feel a more direct demand is better suited to a pirates life, also think its more often going to get a result. He offerd 5, we settled on 7. He was free to go.

Minutes later and an Osprey pilot was facing the same fate. I was tanking is single heavy missile as I trudged though his shields. Double Large extenders I later found. "7m or I will destroy your ship". He didn't respond. I gave him more time, he wasn't an old character, I was open for negotiations. "5m or I will have to kill you" I repeated the demand. Still he didn't respond.

The osprey poped, a pretty boring explosion. No loot. No reaction from the pilot. I went on my way.

Again, minutes later I returned to where the Osprey life was taken short. The pilot had returned, in a Drake. I knew I couldn't tank it, but soon realised that he had Assault heavies. Shame didn't have any longer range ammo. At only 12d old the pilot would have had a pretty crappy tank, would have been able to beat it even shooting into fall off. But I couldn't be bothered. Attempted to get my Hurricane, but he was gone upon my return.

A good while later I waited away from the belt for the unhappy miner to return to his ore. I always move to fast, never patient enough. Warping in I saw he was already ago'd, he much have taken some of the ore with him before. Easy target. And another 2m ransom.

But that was just the beginning of the night. Three more jumps deeper I stubbled across a small mining op. An Amarr Apoc Battleship (looking back I expect he was also mining but with effects off, I wasn't didn't know) supporting two barges.

I moved to the can, and of course was locked. 5 drones orbiting the Apoc.

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The big issue

The war targets had been quiet for a few days now. Normally all docked up when ever we came by. So instead I spent my day pirating the local miners.

Turns out that near our new targets HQ there is some decent mining corporations. I was floating around in my Claw looking for unsuspecting miners and soon came across a small mining group, and another solo miner.

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Friendly Locals

I didn't have long on line last night, but while I made some dinner, I decided to head out for a little pirating action...

Recently moved up to Caldari space, targets are never far apart, and quite soon I found a lowly Mining barge eating at the rocks...

I switch the can, and wait for the drones... and I wait.... and I wait...

He instead warps off, but I wait just in case he returns... A few moments later a Raven, then a Drake and then a Destroyer warps to the belt...

I was in a talkative mood, so I decided to amuse the locals with some chatter. I found it all quite funny, but since its quite long and not really important I will leave it out.

So, I stay at the can, hoping my miner returns for a fight, knowing the BS and BC can't do anything.

They start advertising a 'save mining belt' and I can't understand how they attempt to hold up to that.

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Drake Wars

The Sythe moved for the next rat, and I piloted my Reeper towards his last victim... He would have beaten me there but he was heading for the other rat. I got to the wreck and scooped up the crap loot, and headed for the next.

I was flagged, and all I had to do was hope that he would send those missiles my way. The final rat exploded and the Scythee turned back towards the rocks. Was he going to take the bait. I headed towards another rat wreck, bouncing off and then scooping the loot again. He still hadn't fired.

I waited around, moving randomly, closer to him... Then the familure sound of the missiles striking my ship... They took my shields down fast and the armor wasn't doing all too well either. Minmatar Rookie ships, worst of the worst. Even so, the ship jumped to warp before being blown up.

As I docked the Scythee pilot HazMann left me a friendly warning...

“don't steal and ya wont get attacked”

I smiled...

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