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My first act of pirate "hunting"

It's not a big deal but to me, at the time, it was a lot of fun. No one in my pvp oriented corp cared at all, I'm sure they laughed at me. But I was very new, less than a month, and had just got my first Gallente BS, a Dominix, strictly for mining. I had very few skills, barely able to fly the thing, and extremely basic gunnery skills. I had a few drone skills, but was training for mining.

So here I am in a .4 and two thoraxs show up. Yeah I wasn't paying attention to Local, I got to learn that lesson myself. They attacked me and I was in deep trouble having no guns and no combat drones at all, but they didn't scramble me so I was about to warp off. Lucky me. And yeah I shouldn't have been mining Jaspet yet, but who knew? Seemed like a good idea at the time.

But it made me realize, they'd be back. So I grabbed some guns and some combat drones, and one mining laser, and went back and pretended to resume mining. Sure enough here they come again. I was so excited as I recall I failed to put my own combat drones out. I just used the guns (I don't even remember what guns now but I think they were just mediums).

I couldn't tell what was happening, really, I don't remember seeing the enemy ship's shields going, not sure what the heck I was doing but then suddenly the first ship explodes and the 2nd one warps off saying "gf". I had to ask someone what gf meant. heh.

After that I stayed out of .4 alone and, frankly, found a new corp with people that work with each other and help each other.

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