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Fear and Loathing in Amoderia

Hi, this is my first post here! As another first, I have submitted a story recounting a recent PVP engagement... I hope you find it an enjoyable read. Thanks!

Fear and Loathing in Amoderia.

Rashmika's Helios bobbed happily in a solar eddy, basking in the warmth of Amoderia's red star and seemingly at peace. Inside the ship, a different story could be told though...

"FRACKING probes, for fracks sake!" muttered Rashmika.

Rashmika was trying to locate a gravimetric signature, but the many planets in this system were proving to be a logisitcal headache. The Helios entered warp again, for one last time, taking the short hop to a planet with a large concentric orbit.

The Helios dropped out of warp with a flash of light, as relativity regained its control over life aboard the Frigate. With great disdain and boredom, Rashmika mentally thumbed the activation switch and watched with relief as the final Probe was deployed. Rashmika licked her lips, in just a couple of minutes, she might have a warp in point and the riches she craved.

However, the Frigate was not alone. The ships computer squawked its rising alarm as another ship obtained a lock, pushed out five drones and let loose a vicious broadside. The Helios' shields spluttered into the gaping void, quickly followed by molten slag that once coated the Frigates hull.

"Guess you should've fitted a cloak" the pirate sneered over the rapidly fading comnet.

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