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Detailed info on how the dreadnaught was stolen

Ajaya explains in detail how we took the dreadnaught (Source)


PA forgot to set the password.
PA forgot to set security right, which allowed neutral corp (noob corp) to enter the POS without being shot, and bump the ship out of the bubble.

No spy was needed for this. We discovered these mistakes of PA by trial and error using our own guys and alts in neutral corps. In the end, we took the risk of warping a BS w/ nanos and mwd in after the tests, and found that it worked perfectly. All the while, several PA were watching this and they and their alliance did nothing to respond.

The warping in of the fleet to 'distract' the pos as Lordy boarded and warped out was no exploit, it was quite smart and well coordinated. The ships that warped in were attacked by the online station, and there was a certain level of luck involved in lordmix being able to align and warp out before being hit by a scramble battery.

All in all, just some really foolish mistakes by PA, who I might add, sure did brag about and run their mouths about stealing and destroying our hualers using the same tactic.

And yeah, 2 - 2.5 bil isk + equip isn't THAT much anymore, but for whoever owned it, sucks to be you, and it takes away a dread from PA to use against us and gives us another to use against them. Plus, it's a huge moral hit to an alliance already feeling the pressure. Twisted Evil

Is this the end of Phoenix Alliance? Enemy dreadnaught stolen!

Tonight we took the BKG station, we stole one of their dreadnaughts (pictures and fraps will be posted here!).
They had left the dreadnaught unattended at a POS without a proper forcefield-password, so we simply bumped it outside the forcefield and stole it.

We warped in several small frigs to distract the warpscrambler, and finally escaped with the dreadnaught.

Is this the victory R.I.S.K have saught ?

Personally I fail to see how P-A will rise out of this, a dreadnaught stolen. A key system in this region taken-over.

Is this the end of Phoenix Alliance?

Todays events in BKG

I have to give it to P-A (Phoenix Alliance), they are quick on regrouping and bringing up more battleships.
However their fleet consisted of a joint coalition of their ally F-E (The Forsaken Empire).

They also didnt resort to drone abuse until at the end of the evening.

So I woke up around 2hour after DT and went on a killingspree with the fleet command.
We killed a couple of their battleships, their support and disrupted their POS deployment.

Then we all took a break and I went to sleep for 3 hours.
At 6pm I returned and joined up with the gang which did strikeattacks on the enemy.
It was pretty funny to see how they all sat stationary and warped with a fleet 4-6 times as big as ours at various times.

We had at most 15 battleships, a couple of interceptors and scouts, while they had up to 40 in local plus support.

The evening slowly went along and we kept tearing on their defences, picking them on one by one.

Anyone who has seen the movie Serenity knows which scene Im talking about when I say that I felt like one of the reavers who jumps through the clouds surrounding a planet right into a fleet.

At this time I felt like the reavers, we just did what we do the best. Kill and wreck havoc.
Of course we're a bit smarter than the reavers so we didnt stick around for the enemy-fleet to find out exactly what was going on and we kept moving around.

Every attack diminishing their numbers one by one. In total we lost one battleship this evening and at the end P-A started deploying drones. On one occasion though and I asked them politely to remove the drones and they did so.

However, I'm not very pleased of how P-A kept "conversation spamming" a few of our members when we warped in.
Please cease that, sure we can ignore the invites but it's still irritating.

BKG is besieged by R.I.S.K, no doubt about that.
We fight outnumbered at most times and P-A doesnt seem to want to fight when the numbers equalize.

All in all, we've had a fun night of fights and picking on superior number forces.
100 in local... 20 friendlies.. well, the numbers usually dont look well. But somehow we still manage to pull through.

The battle for BKG continues!

Just in!

P-A call for arms in a final attempt to thwart our upcoming victory!
It seems P-A are trying to mobilize what remaining forces they have.

Haulers and mining-barges have been seen heading toward BKG.

Is this the deadly mining fleet which will strip our armor off with their mighty modulated strip miner II's of armor retrieval?

Perhaps not. Yet P-A are trying to put up a couple of more POS's.
A R.I.S.K strikeforce has assembled to finish them off and repell their attempt.

P-A bites the dust

The Phoenix Alliance had gathered over 40 battleships, the total number of enemies in local consisted of roughly 80 members while R.I.S.K protected their assets and tactical posts.

A word was handed out and our friends from FIVE silently moved up toward BKG-Q2.
For several hours R.I.S.K played cat and mouse with P-A who were often the mouse running with major force.

In the end P-A decided to put up a camp on one of the gates exiting the system but this would prove to be a fatal mistake.
2 jumps away our friends had gathered and were ready to move in on our signal.
R.I.S.K with 20 battleships jumped in to the gate and FIVE with 37 members jumped into the system.

P-A had setup several bubbles to prevent our escape, instead it turned into preventing their escape.
Many ships were lost on both sides, but in the end P-A bite the dust and left the battlefield with far more losses than us.
Scattered cross the systems the remaining P-A survivors are hunted by the R.I.S.K / FIVE coalition.

Is this the defeat of P-A?
Perhaps, yet we're hoping they will bring their 8 dreadnaughts soon which they've promised to bring for more than 2 weeks.
Death counts

And to summarize this encounter:
[23:40:01] Vtec7 > kill me im sick of this fckn game

Getting around Warp Bubbles

I need to buy a new skill and test out this brilliant ship setup idea I had, so make my way from 37-S in stain to Agil. Its 40-50 jumps but I have instas all the way. As I Jump into WD-VTV, I see an unusual amount of ppl in local. Fearing a bubble, I warp to a planet and scan the gate. Sure enough, they have a small mobile warp disruptor out. USually not a big deal, but they did have quite a few assault frigs that could fry my little vigil. These were IRON. BURN EDEN had recently taken a contract against 3 northern alliances and had killed a lot of IRON ships. Our relationship was sour at best. What to do, what to do?

So I did what any gun ho, fearless pirate would do......... I held a quiz for them.

For the best part of half an hour I held an eve trivia quiz with small cash prizes.

Examples of questions were:
Which Alliance held tribute on the 10th of July 2005?
How many jumps from Agil to Torrinos?

They seemed to like it, and hate me slightly less, enough at least for them to agree to let me past.

Morale of the story: Not all problems can be solved by violence, sometimes even the most die hard pirate must talk his way around obstacles.

Repaying the favours!

Tonight me and Narciss got chased by a squad of P-A. Luckily we made it out alright and kept toying with them for a while during the time our friends assembled in P-A homesystem.

Us two jumped in on the P-A squad of 8 and our friends jumped into the system and started ripped them apart. We had one tier 1 battleship loss in the first encounter, they lost a tier 2 plus a ceptor.

We were also the one holding the gate after the encounter.
Shortly after they started jumping back in, one by one or in pairs.

Their squad were matching ours in numbers, but in warpstabs they had far more.

Out of the enemy battleships 6 were confirmed killed. The loot was pretty good too. Raar.

P-A dread, not that dreadful at all

I heard some intel in corp chat that our people chased a P-A force back to BKG where the P-A's joined up with their dreadnaught. Turned out that our people started fighting the dreadnaught and eventually the dreadnaught was forced to dock to avoid destruction.

We hope that P-A will be leaving the viscinity of their stations with the dreadnaught in-order for us to shoot it down.

Battling commence

A short encounter, P-A had 65 people in local and we had 23.
Mostly enemy battleships and a couple of support-ships we decided to take them on while they were sitting on the gate.

We took down a muninn, a geddon and a tempest before we warped out. The P-A fleet shortly left the system after they noticed we were constantly bringing their ships down before they got to deal any good damage vs us.

I got called as a primary or secondary target in the first encounter, they managed to get me to half armour before we got out. But by the time we had already downed the muninn. The second encounter they lost the tempest, and third they lost the geddon.

Too slow big blob who rely on "lag":ing system by dishing out max amount of drones wont cut it anymore P-A.


Getting killed by P-A due to communication issues

Yeah, it's true I got myself popped by P-A.
Ridcolous fscking error on our side where someone played LOUD fricking music on our ventrilo just as I warp in with the rest of the fleet.
Unable to hear fleet commands I aligned back to the POS ready to jump when the others aligned to the station of our system.

Stupid mistakes by allied side can result in losses.
I'll be back in a couple of hours with a new battleship ready to fight once more.

Battles and more battles!

Im probably writing this out of one-sided perspective, so Im warning you.

Tonight we've been running into Phoenix Alliance fleets over and over. The same fleet which proclaimed they won over us on the EVE-Online public forums. The very same fleet which claimed they totally wtfpwn3d us back to empire.

We've taken their stragglers one by one and reducing their numbers. We've had more of them explode and no losses of our own. Except if we count suicide jump-ins to scout with a frigate, or the people interceptor-people who got accidently blown up by our own POS.

Now, they've jumped into our POS's far more and had several battleships explode. I can count to at least 7 now, some assault-frigs, cruisers and what else.

Earlier today we jumped in on their 20 man fleet with only 3 ships. We took down a cerberus and got out with structure-damage.

Indeed, Phoenix Alliance. You ARE "pwning" the R.I.S.K strikeforces.
Indeed, we are sobbing back in empire.
Indeed, we will run and keep running.


Fighting against the odds

Our taskforce was ready and jumped in to snipe-out our enemy. It was risky but we pulled it off.
3 battleships vs 20 battleship fleet
I got out with 94% structure and we had killed our target.
A dead cerberus of enemy fleet.

We'll continue to strike them when they least expect us to.
Our friends in the corp are working at other locations to reduce the enemy's numbers.
Know that we fight against 3 times our own number.

Battle of the north

The battle of the north has begun once more, this time Phoenix Alliance and the R.I.S.K alliance as opposing sides.

Due to the sheer number of smack and whatelse from either side I've not yet responded to the "R.I.S.K ?" discussion thread on the forums.
However it makes me sad to see the amount of disinformation which is posted by people who arent even involved.

"R.I.S.K fleet got pwned!" etc.
"RISK got totally owned as expected"
Now, think of this as R.I.S.K calculated losses. P-A are over thousand member strong. R.I.S.K got less than hundred.
What people fail to realise is that RISK hasnt posted much about what we've done in return.
We remain silent.

Now to some unclassified information which is already known to P-A:

We moved in and taken sovereignity. P-A has been spending more time smacking than protecting their assets, this has lead to them having to move out of their systems.
I've seen P-A post and claim that they have 5 dreadnaughts ready to jump-in and lay waste to all of us. Right, I welcome you. Infact, I encourage you to jump in with 5 dreadnaughts which we can take-out. It'll be great-fun with such opposing forces.

Day 1:

The attack begun early in the morning on saturday, we moved our fleet up in 0.0 silently and deployed our POS's.
We took out some enemy battleships and POS deployment haulers who werent careful enough to keep a watch on local and our kill numbers quickly grew.

Afterdowntime we encountered a fleet of P-A who were 3 to 1 ratio to us and we faced our first calculated loss.
But this didnt change the fact we had finished stage 1 of our operation.

The day continued slowly and we've been busy doing behind the scene actions. These actions are yet not unclassified and remain secret.

Day 2:
We claimed sovereignity and whilst a 60man strong P-A fleet waited in the nextdoor system, unwilling to jump in our forces conquered a station with only 20 pilots.
To this moment I'm uncertain of why P-A didnt take action. Perhaps they were worried we'd have backup to login? Maybe we had maybe we didn't. Who knows.

During the day we've been pinning lone battleships of P-A whilst their slow big blob can do nothing else but to keep chasing our strikeforces.

More information will be posted as the story unfolds. Much remains classified since I'm certain some P-A members will be reading this website.