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Short hunt:Adrenaline Junkie

Okay. First entry. Please send me some feedback!

I jumped in a Rifter, outfitted it with the basics, 3 200m ACs, a nosferatu, and a speed build. I jumped into a couple systems, checking the belts and stations. I wasn't going to waste time scanning. I wanted to kill. I needed to feel the adrenaline pounding through my veins.

I warped into a new belt. Another Rifter about 40 km distant. Ratting...was he alone? Was he waiting for someone? I decided it didn't matter. If they came...I could deal with them. I decided to take him down.

Already i could feel the adrenaline coursing through me. My heart pounding, i raced towards him at over a kilometer a second. I crouched low in the cramped frigate's captain's seat, hoping and praying he would be too busy killing the Destroyer rat he was firing at. I streaked like a bolt of lightning across the void that separated us.

15km! I targeted the Rifter and engaged the warp disruptor as i flew past the 10km mark and flicked on the webifier. Flying in tight circles from 1km around his ship i pounded his shields to nothing in seconds, ripped through his armor and tore at the fragile support struts. Before he even locked onto me, before he even knew my tiny ship was in the same belt, his pod flew from the fiery wreck of his frigate. Nearly instantly, he flew to warp. Bastard!

I didn't bother tracking him down. I saw where he flew off. I took the pathetic loot, and warped to a new system, my appetite not sated, merely whetted. Time to kill.


Quiet. That's the way it is in space. That's the way he likes it. It was peaceful, drifting through the heavens with the stars. He enjoyed being in a ship that needed no crew, so he chose to use a frigate. It was his frigate of choice, the Incursus. He enjoyed using it for hunting because it could catch almost anything. Although, it wasn't always this way.

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To Kill the Overkill. Or how you can kill T3 ship in a frig worth less than his salvo.

During the week I was unable to do any serious stealing and most of my income came from two Intact Armor Plates from a hulk wreck in the ice belt which I salvaged around Wednesday. That had to change, 300mil a month isn't going to earn itself, you know. As usual, when I don't really have the concentration required to scan any missions, I undocked in my Rhofter and warped to first belt in the system to check for some loot/salvage or drones to pick up. Nothing fancy there, so I move on to second belt. Few cans with pirate loot (this was .5 system) and one mining barge with a can. I promptly approach the miner, look into the can, there is like 75k units of some ore I can't be bothered to remember and some omber, totalling to over 25k m^3. I jettison some cheap piece of salvage, move the ore to my can and start orbiting the miner. I name this can CC1. He has drones out, but doesn't react. Well, I can wait, I say to myself. I warp to next belt and find some cans and another miner there, in a mining cruiser, mining into a can. I flip his can, and he doesn't react either, only to warp out after a minute. I name his can CC2 and bookmark it for later. I check the remaining belts and warp back to the one with CC1. It seems that miner called himself some reinforcements, 100km from the warp-in point hovers his corp buddy in a Rupture. I'm not sure what exactly was he thinking, as you can't warp 100km, the distance is to short for jump and Ruptures aren't exactly masters of speed. Miner made himself a second can to mine into, so I moved the ore from this new can of his to mine, and I bookmarked it for later, then warped out to check other belts. Checking other belts is thing I do often, as it is a good way to pick up some abandoned drones, salvage a T2 or loot some concorded fool. You can't do it if you aren't the first on site, right? I don't find anything fun, so I warp to my safespot where I have Giant Secure Container anchored, and I move my loot and salvage there, then I warp to CC1.

This time it seems that I'll have some action, Rupture seems to be flying around pretty fast, I suspect the MWD, he targets me and seems to be set on "approach", so I set my orbit around the miner to 10km to keep him little behind. At some point he opens fire and I start to receive damage. I should probably zoom in from tactical view and see the projectile effects to know if he is using artillery or autocannons, but I assumed he is using artillery, as using autocannons on anything bigger than a frig seems weird to me. My assumptions turns to be wrong, and I get that lesson pretty fast, as incoming damage gets way to great, once I close into tight orbit around him. I use my cap to the last drop and I manage to take over half of his shield, which doesn't really make a difference, as his armor would be most certainly unbeatable to me. Here I also have to say, that given my poor combat and core skills (most of my SP is in scanning), I don't waste cap on scrambling the target unless I think he has the reasons to warp out. Rupture finishes me off, and I check out my wreck, and warp out to station to quickly fit another Rhofter. We exchange "gf" and that would be the last fight which made any sense that day :-D Hillarity ensues.

This time due to rush I don't fit the salvager, as I didn't have any handy, I also didn't have the webifier ready, so I undock in an even cheaper version of Rhofter, not forgetting to platinum-insure it. After warping to the wreck, I'm amazed that they didn't take my modules, I take them all and warp to my Safespot to store them in the GSC. After that I warp back in. Mere seconds after me, Iteron MkIV arrives, presumably to take the ore from my can (CC1). I target him and start orbitting. He warps out. Very well, I think they start to get the picture, I'm going to fight anything they bring in. Not long after that some cavalry arrives to the belt, Loki, Scimitar, Thorax, there is also an Armageddon Navy Issue, but he warps out soon and after-party research revealed he was not with them. Imagine my excitement, me - lonely Rifter, facing multiple totally more powerfull ships over a can of ore. I orbit the can at 10km with afterburner on, trying to keep the distance to all their ships, switching orbit point, and generally having the feeling that the air is gonna get thick with bullets any second now.

After few good minutes, when my aggro timer has already run out, and I was all busy with figuring out how to get that 25k m3 of ore from the can to the station, without leaving the spot so they don't steal it (obviously, they were pretty terrorized by my presence, so they didn't steal it in my face). Then, one of the most unpredictable things happen. Mere few kms away from me, Loki goes red. I open fire and click the orbit button, which I have set to 2km, strange thing, his shields are down and his armor is at half. Next thing I know, he's blown up. Giving myself no longer than 2 seconds of amazement. I burn to his wreck, and double click it. Thanks to my ninja profession I have my loot windows high and thin, I scroll his lootlist to bottom and see one word "A-Type". My eyes start glowing, "that shit is mineeee!" I almost yell, and I'm rapidly moving modules by 1-2 from his wreck to my cargo, which I know is limited, as I have Rifter with an overdrive, and not much more than 100m3 (moving items by 1 is a great habit I developed while ninjing, to avoid the window "can't fit everything".) At the same time I notice Scimitar approaching fast. I manage to take every single module, and why I'm taking on the drones, they dissapear from the wreck together with precious ammo. Fair enough, I say, and fully aware that it would still be profitable for anyone to suicide gank me on this very spot I warp out to some random station from my overview, from there, I instantly warp to my safespot and store the precious loot in the container. Sigh of relief, and feeling of victory, not fully understanding what really happen I suspect the Loki pilot shot my can by mistake, or something like that. While reporting the event to The Ninja Alliance channel, I realize that there is a T3 wreck there, and I go to the station to buy and fit a salvager, then I warp to CC1. I also start to realize that I looted over 1 bilion of isk there.

Unfortunatelly, wreck is gone, and it seems that scimitar guy changed into Thorax, which engaged me only to get concorded as well. Asking no questions, I loot his TII fit swearing under my breath "oh, those lousy TII modules again, where is my faction loot?! yarrrr!". There is also a guy who piloted the Rupture from the start of this story, this time flying a rifter, he was the only one acting reasonably there as he scored the starting kill on me, and didn't get concorded, that counts for something. During the Thorax "kill", I had flight of drones on me, not sure from who, probably the mining barge which was there, but I was too busy warping away with loot to really pay attention to such details, as my tank was slowly giving up. After storing it into my GSC, I warped back to CC1 once again, to find only one Sacrilege there, it was chasing me around nearly half an hour, but never engaged. Well... Since I was going to play a BSG board game with friends like an hour later, I was never able to pick up the ore from the cans, so I just announced them free to any takers, with name and location, and logged off. This day sets me 1 bil ahead, which can be seen as 3 plexes, and I haven't yet decided what to do with that cash. All in that, done in a Rifter, thanks to some good attitude, and a bit of luck.

Abandon Ship

It was late. At least, according to the digital display on my ship. It was hard to tell time in space. Not with the sun constantly shining and unmoving. I had started feeling drowsy. It had been a long night and I had spent the better part of an hour scanning down ships for me to plunder. I had only recently fell into this profession. The first couple of kill yielded profitable results and I decided to continue. It was not without consequences though. As my security status dropped, I was starting to get chased down by pirate killers. Not only do they travel in huge gangs of 10 to 15 ships but the gangs usually consists of battlecruisers and ECM boats. It didn't help that I had earned myself a bounty.

As I continued to scan, I started seeing some familiar ships coming out from the stations. The blobers have begun to come out for their nightly cleanup ritual. I sighed, it was only a matter of time before I got caught if I didn't turn in for the night. With that in mind I began to warp to my safespot just off the station. Just in case I get caught by a gang before I could safely dock.

As I entered the grid I saw a destroyer just off the station. I smiled, I recognize him. He was one of the blobers who partook in the gangs from time to time. Just one destroyer can't kill me before I docked I thought and I began to initiate the warp into docking range of the station. Just as I clicked the warp button the coercer warped towards me.

My heart began racing. He must have had a safespot near mine as well! I cursed silently and urged my ship to align faster. No good, my heavily tanked frigate just wasn't fast enough and before I knew it I was caught by the destroyer's warp disrupt. I gritted my teeth and began to afterburn towards him. Better to die fighting rather than not try at all. Hopefully I can make it to him before he turns me into a puddle.

Luckily my punisher was faster than his coercer due to his lack of a second mid slot. However, he was fitted with small beams and his range from me was more than enough to get a good shot off. The first volley rammed into my bow and shook me to my bones. My shield alarm screamed as my ship was left with only the hull to withstand the next incoming blows. I continued my course, hopefully my armour would hold out against his guns. His second volley took away a good chunk of my armor. I started to get worried, even with a heavily tanked ship his guns are tearing into me like a hot knife through butter. I screamed and continued my charge; my adrenaline pumping. A third volley and another chunk of armour. No good, I was still too far to get him with my short ranged autocannons. Another volley and my ship was whittled away to almost nothing. He must have been confident because he didn't warp away. Yes, I thought, I was almost close enough to get him on my scream. Another volley, but this time I noticed the damage was pitiful compared to the earlier shots. Nice, I was getting too close for his guns. As I came within range, I instantly grabbed him with my scram and began a close orbit of 500 meters. I then activated my neut and began tearing away at his shields with my guns. He continued to shoot but was unable to hit me from such a close distance. As his shield disappeared his guns had stopped shooting as well. My neut must have done its job.

As my guns began eating away at his armour I noticed a pod next to the ship. He had ejected! I began a lock on the pod but it sped away into the station 300 km away. I smiled to myself and continued to pummel the destroyer with bullets. As the coercer exploded in a brilliant blue, I felt my heartbeat slow. I looted what was left from the smouldering wreckage and headed back into the station. Now you might be wondering why I didn't keep the tech two fitted destroyer instead. Well, in my opinion, I felt that there was no need to keep a ship my frigate performed so well against. Besides, the killmail I received from killing a destroyer in my frigate was much more satisfying.


This is my first entry and I hope you guys like it! :-D

First Attempt At Piracy - Success!

I decided to fit out a Rifter with a cookie-cutter build and go cruising around low-sec looking for a fight. I found one. While jumping through the asteroid belts in a 0.4 system, I encountered some wrecks. Checking the ownership details, I found out whose wrecks they were and that this pilot was still in local! So I kept jumping through the belts, this time moving more quickly, and after three or four more jumps I found him! He was piloting a Vexor ratting the belts with T1 light scout drones and T1 medium scout drones.

Since it was my first time out and I've only been playing EVE for about three weeks now, I was slightly intimidated by the idea of fighting the Vexor and all the drones at the same time but I decided to do it anyways. It'd be good experience regardless of the outcome.I quickly moved in, afterburner blazing, while the Vexor pilot simply looted his wrecks; didn't he notice me?

Once I made it within range, I activated my scrambler and stasis webifier and quickly started orbiting at 500m. Within moments his shields were going down under the combined firepower of three 150mm autocannons and a rocket launcher. However, the Vexor had not yet opened fire or attacked with drones. What was he doing? Did he have a secret weapon? Apparently not because around when I started hitting his armor he finally began attacking me with, if I recall correctly, 250mm railguns which could not hit me. His drones, however, were now attacking me and were eating through my shields rather quickly.

Choosing to forgo targeting the drones in favor or trying to finish the Vexor quickly, I kept all my firepower on the main target and in short order he was into structure. At this point I opened a conversation hoping for a nice ransom to pad my wallet. However the Vexor pilot turned out to be Russian and did not speak English so he did not understand my demands for ISK and I ended up destroying the Vexor in one of the most beautiful explosions I have seen in EVE.

I decided to let the pod go and just go straight for the loot. A decision that probably enabled me to escape with any loot at all because seconds after I had filled my cargohold a battleship warped to zero right on top of me! With my armor and ammo running low, I decided to warp to a nearby planet and then docked at a station to survey my winnings. In total I made over 1.5M from my first kill!

It was a good day and I look forward to more kills, and probably deaths, in the future.


War and Peace

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, pies and bears, gather around! It is once again time for you to be regaled by tales of yarrage and tears! If you’ll allow me a moment to introduce myself, I am Lord Abako, and while this is my first story I have written for EVE-Pirate, I promise it to be the first of many.

My fellow corpmates and I are all former members of TRAPS (except our new guy), who’s exploits seem to be pretty well known around this site. So empire wars are kind of our thing really. We’ve recently struck out on our own in this crazy universe to see what fun there is to be had, and have been having a blast so far. With only 7 active players, the inability to rely on numbers adds a nice sense of challenge to everything we do.

We’ve been fighting practically non stop since creating our own corporation and I have about a month and a half of craziness to cover in this story. I’ve also made sure to ask my corpies to save a good number of screenshots and chat logs to help spice thing up. I’m going to do my best to keep everything in the correct order, but with this being my first time writing a story like this, I didn’t think to save screenshots with the date they were taken. But you live and learn. So grab yourself a drink, maybe a snack, and get nice and comfortable, because here we go!
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First Blood

Where to start, where to start... Well, I guess, seeing as this is my first story, I'll start by telling you all a little about myself. I've only recently started playing eve, and for the first month or so, I was content to do the carebear dance. Mine was missions and the never ending cycle of "go somewhere, kill this, come back, get paid a meh amount of cash, repeat". And then one day I stumble on this site, and suddenly my mind starts working. I plan ships, fits and how I would go about being a pirate; because really, you guys sounded like you were having a hell of a lot more fun than I was.

So, after some research, and as a Gallente pilot, I settled on an Incursis as my first pirate ship, using a fit I found on this very site. Everything was ready, all I needed was a target. My home at the moment is a bit of a hub, with a lot of stargates, so I have plenty of choice. I warped around for a while, checking out nearby systems for anyone stupid enough to be mining into a can. And, as always, a perfect target presented itself: an Osprey mining into a can. I check out its pilot, just in case there should be a chance of a really nasty surprise. His data says that hes 3 years old, oh dear this guy might not be the best target I think, but then I realise that there are big gaps in his corp changes and that he's only just joined a new corp a few days ago. Ahah! He's only just come back to the game, perfect. I quickly set my standings to his corp to awful to check whether he's got some bad ass corpies in the next belt. Nothing, he's all alone. Even better.

I warp casually up to his container, jettison my livestock (specifically bought for the purpose) and then steal about 70k of Plagi. He must've just been about the come and haul it away. Anyways, I sit and orbit him closely, waiting for his response. He sits and mines some more, and then he turns and warps away. Oh hoh, this'll be him grabbing his combat ship then. I can feel my heart already hammering in my chest at the prospect of my first fight, and if its vs a combat ship it'll be even better. Soon after, he comes back in a Caracle. Hrm, missiles, if he's fitted with small missiles this might go badly for me, they don't lose their tracking at close range after all. He flashes red and 2 missile slam into my shields, doing an average amount of damage, I sense that this could go well for me. I scram and web him and open up with my T2 Ion blasters, whilst orbiting at about 500m. His shields start to go down, not as quick as I'd like, but I remember that this is a Caldari ship and, further more, I know the Caracle's armour is paper thin. We're on about even damage as both our shields go down about the same time, this is a fun fight I think, it'll be close. His next volley hits my armour and does a pitiful amount of damage as it hits my 200mm plates. His armour, on the other hand, has no buffer and starts to drop quickly; much quicker than mine. I smile as I sense that I have the victory, and sure enough, he pops in a glorious ball of flame that initiates me as a can flipping pirate.

Oddly though, his pod doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so I nab it with my scram, mainly just because I can, and open up a convo. First offering a gf, but then not quite knowing what to do from there. I'd read about ransoming, but at the same time, I was sifting through the loot that his Caracle dropped. It was a pathetic collection of cheap launchers, cheaper ammo, and civvi modules. I raised an eye brow at that one. He didn't seem to be able to afford to fit a pretty cheap cruiser, it wasn't likely he could give me much even if I demanded it. So, being a bit of a softy and also just being happy I didn't get ganked into next week on my first pirate run, I let him go. He didn't reply in the convo the whole time, but immediately he buggered off back to station and that was the end of the encounter.

A fun first outing I must say, although I'd have liked some better loot, I mean, a civvi armour repairer?! >_>

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An Ore-Blastin Good Time

This is my first posted tale on here, so bear with me. I've been ransoming for a while now, but just recently discovered the glory of eve-pirate. I don't usually make kills, I usually just random and let pilots go. There's really no reason for me to rack up a kill and get stuck with some garbage loot when I can pull in at least 5M ISK most of the time.

So, I'm bounding around my usual spots, pipe in hand, not seeing much, when I decide to pop into Uitra. With 150~ players in local, I decide there HAS to be someone worth tearing up. I'm flying my anti-frigate solo Caracal, so I'm hoping for some mining barges or something of the sort.

As soon as my warp closes on the third belt, I see a Stabber and a Moa happily jetcanning around, practically flaunting their delicious ore in my face. I scoot on over, flip it right on up, and discover that I've stolen about 20,000m3 of ore from them! Realizing that they probably won't like that, I take up a decent distance about 5km out, and within 5 seconds, I get a private convo request. Continue reading "An Ore-Blastin Good Time"

Gank gone wrong...

this evening started out like any other. we are at war with another corporation but they havnt been around to fight, so i decided it was a nice time to learn how to probe out ships. i started in otou, my new old stomping ground. its one of my favourites because of the arrangement of belts makes it pretty easy to find people on the directional scanner. so i start probing and after about 20 minutes of that and no positive results, i decided to give up and try my luck on some targets i saw on directional scanner. i dock up and grab my trusty arbitrator all t2 fitted with my array of drones. this may not seem like much to you, but with only 4.5mil sp, i think im doing pretty good to have a -10 sec status mainly from the use of my arby.

i head out to my scan spot to start looking through the belts. i can see them on 360 but cannot seem to find anything on 5. so i decide to sit in a belt and wait. nothing comes. i grow bored and tired and make one last attempt at 5 degree scans and i get a hit, a punisher on planet 6! this is too good to pass up and will be easy for me to pop if i can get a lock on him before he bolts. i warp into to planet 6 area at 0 and viola, there he is and ready to fight. Continue reading "Gank gone wrong..."

Another Ransom Story

Well, I was running around Wirdalen in my rifter today, cruising the belts looking for ANYTHING to fight, and i came upon a rather rare sight. Sitting before me in the 3rd belt was a hulk that was only a few months old, with a full flight of T1 Interceptor drones circling him, mining into a can. I noticed he was in a corp, so I naturally assumed it was a trap. I decided it was much too juicy a mark to pass up, so I very discreetly zoomed up to his can at 750 M/s and canflipped him. There were millions in ore just sitting in the can, so I knew he'd be pissed. I was definately right. Before I even got all the ore out, he was targetting me, and his drones were swarming me. I ignored them and started pounding his shields with my autocannons. after a while I realized he was shield tanked, and I was now down into my armor tank. I started attacking his drones and killed all but 3, and then realized I was into structure. Crap. I warped to the sun (because nobody ever checks the sun, and its freaking shiny and fun to look at) and put several weapons offline so I could regenerate my armor. After five minutes of regenerating, I decided to warp back in and try again. This time he has a few more drones, but im not going to make the same mistake. I scrammed, webbed, and orbited him and fought off his drones. after the fifth satisfying explosion, I started in on him. after abour 5-10 mins of pounding, his shields and armor melted away. When he got to structure, I hailed him. He was taking awhile to respond, but it didnt matter because his only corpmate in the system was in an almost totally unarmed mammoth. I asked for a ransom of 70 million. after about a minute of yet more silence, and one failed transfer of 7000, his buddy warped in. In a freaking merlin. I cracked up. Then I told him to call off the merlin, and within 20 seconds the merlin self destructed. I told him he had 20 seconds to poppage. Then My wallet blinked. I saw more money than ive ever seen, being only a couple weeks old, and I smiled. I warped off towards the sunset, and lived happily ever after.

To gank, or not to gank. That is the question

The longer I play Eve, the more it became obvious that there was a grueling lack of a certain object on my killboard. This was mostly because I simply hadn't found the time to look for one (or had the luck to actually find one dumb enough to engage).
Most of the pirates amongst you probably know what I'm talking about, a Hulk.

I've done my own share of suicide ganking (mostly on procurers in 0.9 and 1.0 sec systems using destroyers), but it was the first time that I'd go for such a high value target.
Initially, my target was a guy I knew was a macro miner, but since he wasn't online when my rather extreme destructive impulse came to the surface, I was forced to look for other prey.
Said prey was found in the form of another macro miner (yes i know, the place where I live is full of them). Using my trusty Anathema to scan the fit of said miner, I decided that he was both valuable enough to gank, and easy enough to take down (in other words, filled with cargo expander II's and cargo optimization rigs).
The reason why I needed to know this was because I was planning on taking it down solo, in a frigging 0.9 system.

For that very reason, I decided on taking a gankfitted Tempest as my ship of choice, giving me a rather nice alpha strike to try and take down the damned ship in a single volley.

Using an alt for both looting and as a mobile warp in point, I sought out the miner (whose macro had warped it to another belt in the mean time).

As I closed in on the Hulk, adrenaline started flowing freely in my bloodstream, elevating my heartbeat to very high levels.

Smirking slightly, I activated all weapon systems while my targeting sensors started locking on to the massive signature of the mining ship.
Setting my alt on stand-by, I clicked away the warning of CONCORD, and prepared for the show.

In a flash, my ship was surrounded by the police force, and blasted into smithereens by their immensely powerful array of turrets.
To my horror though, the miner was still alive. He had made it through the onslaught with about half his structure surviving the massive blast of the giant heap of scraps formerly known as my battleship.

Cursing loudly, I started my way towards the station (no sense in giving anyone the 15mil bounty on my head by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a pod), when I noticed that my target had made no move at all of fleeing.

Thinking quickly, I set a course for Amarr (the nearest trading hub), and purchased a rupture with gankfit there, hoping that it would be enough to take out the remaining bits of structure that held the macro together.

While I was buying said rupture, I was busy looking for my target, since its program had warped it back to the station.
Knowing that a somewhat clever macro programmer would at least add a check for ship damage to it, I expected it to be fully repaired, thus resulting in me having thrown away a gankfit Tempest for nothing.
Much to my personal delight though, when the ship undocked, I noticed that smoke was still coming out of its hull, indicating that it hadn't been repaired. Though for some reason, the damn thing was aligned towards an asteroid belt, but wasn't warping at all, merely slowboating towards the belt (having gone more than 60km's away from the station by the time I arrived.

Quickly moving to pursue, both my main and alt raced to reach the Hulk, hoping to take it down before it finally realised what it was doing and warped off.

The second I reached optimal with my Rupture, guns spat fire once more, and I saw the shields failing once again, while the structure decreased to a mere quarter of its original state. Strangely enough though, for some reason CONCORD decided not to show up (probably because of my close proximity to the station), but the station's guns didn't shoot at me either. There was howver, one problem. Even if I had managed to squeeze off 2 salvo's with my rupture, it still wasn't enough to take down the blasted ship, and with me being in a gankfitted ship, I hadn't bothered to take along ammo for more than those 2 cycles. Here I was, getting a free ganking chance or so to say, and I'd run out of ammo.

Shouting in frustration, I hurried my alt to pick up some medium projectile ammo in the system (carbonized lead, it sucks I know, but it was all I had on such short notice).

Warping back to my main after a short trip to a local station, I dropped the ammo in a can right next to my main, which moved quickly to pick it up and load it into the empty guns.

In short order, my artillery was once again hurling slug after slug at the exhumer, but a combination of 2 ships moving at a non-optimal range and the lack of decent ammo to shoot with resulted in the shields going down VERY slowly. While I knew I didn't have to fear CONCORD for the time being, I did realise that with every second ticking by, my chances to take down the Hulk were decreasing more and more.

My fears were realised when I saw it align to another belt. I groaned in frustration as I noticed that its shields were not even down as it warped, leaving for the relative safety of the rocks.
Knowing that me following it in warp would result in CONCORD spawning at the belt, and thus sending my Rupture after its bigger brother the Tempest, I had nothing left to do but sit at about 240km's off the station and wait for the GCC to cool down.
(I had a rather tense moment when I noticed a curse undock from said station though, but it was obviously not in a mood to pursue).

Meanwhile, being sorely disappointed by the efficiency of carbonized lead, I had sent my alt to Amarr to gather some good old faction ammo.

By the time it got back, the Hulk had returned to the station, lounging around at the outside, as if taunting me.
My GCC had finally run out just at that moment, so using my alt as a warp-in point yet again, I moved into position, loaded up the ammo my alt had dropped for me yet again, and opened fire once more. Once more, to no effect.

Cursing all possible gods, the macro and its grandkids in the twenthieth degree, I flew my main's pod back to Amarr, yet again. This time though, I was not going to give the bloody ship a chance to get away.

Having waited out yet another GCC, I used my alt to track down the hulk for the umpteenth time, and warped my main to the station, only to have the Hulk warp off to another belt right in front of my nose (it was still damaged though, as I had been able to confirm with my alt). By this time, I had developed a somewhat raging obsession with taking down that infernal ship.

Some quick detective work later (warping to the top belt surrounding the planet I had noticed it align to), I warped in, this time for the last time, and smiled with glee as a full rack of 1400's unleashed their deadly fury onto the "unsuspecting" Miner.

The smirk on my face grew even larger when I watched the Hulk explode into a bright ball of fire, even as CONCORD warped in to punish me for my nefarious deeds. I couldn't care less. At long last (and after a chase of more than an hour), I finally had my first Hulk on my killboard.
And it only took me 3 ships, plus some sec status (it dropped under -2 ^^).

It was a bit infuriating to know that had I used an Armageddon from the beginning (it was the third ship I used) instead of that Tempest, I probably would've gotten him in a single go.
But in the end, all that mattered was the fact that I had done it.
(but, knowing my luck, no real goodies dropped, of course)

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When the hunter becomes the hunted

I sighed as I plotted a course that would take my ship through the belts in the Deepari system.
It had been slow going the last few days. The miners were becoming increasingly paranoid, probably the result of the earlier devastation I had been causing amongst their population. It was either that or people started to recognise the fact that a wolf on their overview usually meant trouble.

As it was, it looked to be another day without any pilots foolish enough to jettison their tasty ore for their industrials to come and pick up.

Just as I was about to give up for the day and work off my frustration on some hapless mission rats, I heard the comms crackle to life with the voice of my corpmate, Rac.

He'd been browsing the belts and had found what seemed to be an Exequror cruiser jetcanning. He'd already taken the can once, but apparently the miner was ignoring him.

Not one to be left out of a situation like that (who would be), I quickly navigated my way through the jumpgates that I knew would lead me straight to the Amarr system, where Rac was currently annoying the miner.

"Ok, I'm in system, fleet up Rac", I said as the blinding light from the stargate faded, leaving me floating in Amarr space.
Upon receiving comfirmation that he'd joined up, I quickly used the fleet navigation systems to warp myself directly to Rac's Ishkur.

As it so happened, the Exequror was still there, happily mining away in his jetcan, with a single laser.

Checking his employment history and local for any corpies he may have in system, I moved in for the flip. In hindsight, I should've seen the warning signs.
A cruiser belonging to a reasonably old character, mining away with a single laser and a can. It should have screamed trap to me, but fatigue was catching up to me a bit, so I decided to ignore the small voice shouting in the back of my head. Especially since he'd already been flipped by Rac in his Ishkur and apparently hadn't retaliated.

Settling my Wolf in a position right next to the cruiser, I transferred the, rather meager, contents of his can to one of my own. Not really expecting anything to happen, I lazed around a bit, talking about random stuff with Rac and what we would do afterwards.

Much to my surprise though, I noticed the yellow brackets surrounding the Exequror on my overview. Apparently the pilot had decided to lock me.
This however, is rather common when canflipping, and as such, didn't really raise an alarm. It wasn't until the brackets turned red that I really started to sit up straight, mostly because of the messages that were quickly starting to pour in via my overview.

I muttered a curse when I noticed that within moments, my proud wolf had been webbed, scrambled, and judging from the current capacitor state, neuted into oblivion as well.

Said curse multiplied several times over when I saw more signals appear on my hud, drones. A full wing of the feared Warrior II's. These were especially deadly to my Wolf, since it has a rather massive gap in its explosive and kinetic resistances.

Scrambling to action, I directed my ship into a tight orbit around the cruiser, though looking back on it, that was a rather useless move since he didn't have any turrets fitted, except for one mining laser that would only be a threat if my ship were to be made out of raw asteroids.

Thankfully, my targeting computers were able to lock on to the Exequror's signal rather quickly, and soon after, 4 autocannons and a rocket launcher started blasting away at the target turned hunter.

Horrified, I saw my shield go down rather quickly, with my armour already taking damage.
While I usually have a small repper fitted for situations like this, being neuted completely negated that advantage. Not to mention the fact that it also disabled my afterburner and scram, leaving me to slowboat circles around the cruiser.

My mood improved rather quickly though, when I saw that the damage my Wolf dealt was surpassing the damage I was receiving. Thank God for the fact that projectile weapons keep firing even without cap (and the fact that I tend to go completely gung ho on all out combat ships, fitting obscene amounts of firepower on them).

Evidently, my opponent had also noticed this fact, and was aligning his ship to warp out the minute he reached structure. He'd already pulled in his drones, giving my battered armour some much needed space to breathe.

He had, however, miscalculated the cycle time on his neuts (or had made the mistake of firing them up all at the same time), which left me with just enough capacitor to pulse my warp scrambler once.
Seeing him move to escape, I wondered what the pilot was thinking when his ship finished aligning, but with nothing else happening.

Knowing that he would not stick around should my warp scrambler finish it cycle, and knowing that I wouldn't have enough cap for a second cycle. I pushed my guns to the limit, in a desperate attempt to deal as much last minute damage as possible.

With mere miliseconds left on the scram cycle, the final sliver of hull finally disappeared and the Exequror was consumed in a massive fireball, leaving me sitting in space with adrenaline levels in my blood spiking dangerously high.

I quickly gathered everything I could grab from the wreck, shot the remaining leftovers (no sense in leaving something for someone else to salvage) and warped to the station, knowing that my Wolf would probably not survive another fight like that.

While still catching my breath in station, I noticed a message in local, congratulating me for the good fight.
Smiling, I returned the compliment and applauded him for a trap well executed.

In the end, that one kill made my entire day, and left me hungry for more, sadly enough all I managed to catch was one lousy destroyer.
Though I wouldn't want to run in to such a trap again anytime soon.

The Caracal on the killmail was apparently a someone that had tried to smartbomb the Exequror a bit earlier.

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Confidence is a thing you must build

This is my first try at both piracy and writing, and I've done it in character (even though I don't RP :-)) Tell me what you think :-)

It's a rough ride, the life of the capsuleer. One moment you're riding high, earning more ISK in a few moments than most middle class Amarrian families could hope to see in a decade, and the next, CONCORD revokes your Pilot's License for nine months, banishing you the the hell that is being bound to a planet, with the fear that you may never see the stars again.

Thanks to some sweet talk and the shuffling of some hefty amounts of the almighty ISK, I was finally back where I belonged- space. A few connections of mine that go way back hooked me up with a few money making opportunities, but after being confined by gravity for so long, I found myself longing for a new adventure. Something cruel had arisen within me whilst I was barred from flight, and it manifested in the form of greed, and the desire to forcibly take what was mine. I wanted to take it from other immortals.

Piracy was something I'd never undertaken before. There were whispers here and there, if you listened carefully, about how it could be done, but for my first foray into the world of crime I decided to take a road that had been well paved by my predecessors. So called "can flipping" carried with it minimal risks, and allowed me to avoid the pirate infested swaths of low security space, as I was one and they were many.

I fired up the engines of my favorite Merlin, and began my hunt for lone miners, jettisoning their ore. After only a while of searching, I happened upon one of the more common sites in the world, a Hulk stripping down asteroids to bare husks, and a hauler shuttling back and forth between the miner and a station.

Feeling lucky, I sped towards the can, and jettisoned one from my own cargo, swapping the contents in the process. I could almost hear the alerts blaring through the hulk as I began to orbit it, praying the pilot would take the bait.

He didn't. The pilot instead opted to warp away, seemingly abandoning his ore. I halfheartedly began orbiting the can, hoping perhaps he'd come back in another frigate that I could at least have a bit of fun with.

Imagine my surprise when a Hurricane battlecruiser warped so close to me our shields rebounded off each other, and began locking me as quickly as possible. My first instinct was to panic- the Hurricane is a swift ship, and deadly, until my computer readout caught my eye, and I learned that, rather than facing rockets and light autocannon fire, the Hurricane was lobbing 720mm slugs in my direction. Which were, of course, missing me by kilometers. I fired up my engine and rapidly locked down the pilots propulsion and warp systems, and began plugging away with my blasters, which were about as effective as throwing rocks.

I felt a moment of pity for the hapless, obviously industrial pilot. His ship was obviously set up to trap much larger, mortal prey. There were no signs of energy neutralization, stasis, or warp disruption, and if there was any onboard systems capable of shield reinforcement, they were either offline or malfunctioning. I sensed victory, and after what qualifies as a small eternity (as it turned out he did have an extra layer of armor or two,) my blasters found his reactor. His ship blew apart spectacularly. Grabbing what I could, I made my exit in search of new targets.

Fast forward a couple hours, and I still had yet to find another miner foolish enough to take my trap, when I found the same pair of pilots as before, happily mining away in the exact same belt. They obviously remembered me, for the Hulk immediately fled, leaving his cargo container behind.
Leaving his container behind. Idea. I quickly hopped over a few systems and boarded my rusted, but trustworthy Badger MK. II, equipped with more cargohold expanders than you could shake a stick at. Seeing these two pilots back at their work yet again I warped directly to their can and nabbed the whole thing.

This infuriated the Hulk pilot enough to instantly deploy five Hammerheads upon me, which my Badger shrugged off like so many gnats. I docked at the station, screaming at that blasted clone of Scotty to hurry up and flew back to the belt in my Merlin at a frenzied pace. To my immense delight, the Hulk was still aligning, flashing bright, beautiful red on my overview. I scrambled his warp drives to hell and back and began melting through his shield and armor. Once his hull was in danger, I hailed him.

I gave the pilot my most winning smile. "Hello there," I said, "It's going to cost you 100 Million ISK to walk away from this." I felt rather charitable that day.
"I don't have that much," said he. "I only have about 30 Million."
I decided this was hardly sufficient, and that reducing his ship to scrap would be more fun anyway. It was.

Before I could sift through the wreckage in hopes of finding a nice Tech 2 strip miner or three, his friend, having finally mustered the courage to help his compatriot, got to it first in a Thrasher. I was certain that this spelled trouble for me. The thrasher was a quick ship, and designed especially for killing frigates.

As fate or luck would have though, he opened up on me with 280mm Howitzers, hardly the correct tool to hit a tiny target orbiting you at maximum velocity from about a single kilometer. He went down without much difficulty, and I... well I managed to come out of on top in my first small step into piracy, along with a much needed boost to my confidence in my own solo difficulties.
But confidence is a thing you must build, and it is a thing you must destroy, before it becomes overconfidence. So soon, I hope, I will explore low security. Where I fully expect to die in under thirty seconds.


Yet Another Series of Unfortunate Events...

So this is another story of basically how unlucky our friend Laroqu is, luckily he is a new player and his ships are easy to replace. We we once again in one of our favorite low sec systems, Horkkisen. This night Robhe and Laroqu were in our alliance safe spot. We were testing out Laroqu's new nuet/punisher fit because as a newb he wasn't doing very much damage in a fight and we figured this might be a better fit for pvp for us as a group. Anyhow, neither Robhe or Laroqu dropped cans to steal from before they began the test so on top of a sec hit they also had an aggression countdown timer. Sometime during the test one of our alliance members, Tao Saboui, warped into the safe spot. Well I'm guessing you know what happens next...however you would think that given the safe spot is OUR safe spot Tao wouldnt aggress, but he did. Now innocent old me is docked up in Lai Dai and all the sudden local lights up with "THE PUNISHER IS FRIENDLY DO NOT SHOOT THE PUNISHER!!!!!" "WE KNOW HIM IN RL HE JUST ISNT IN CORP YET!!!!" and on coms I hear Robhe to me "TAO IS KILLING ANDY (Laroqu)!!!!!" and then i hear Andy "Oh man tao is killing me oh man...." "I'm warping out!" Well dont forget people in low sec you cant just warp to a station or the gate if you have an aggression countdown because the gate guns will rip you apart... So once again in coms i hear Robhe scream "YOU CANT WARP TO A STATION IF YOU HAVE A TIMER!!!!!" Then....................pop goes Laroqu...AGAIN. We have the killmail listed below for your entertainment...
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It's a Karma Thing

Once I was considered a paladin, until the lust for blood overcame my lust for justice. Now, I am a freebooter, sometimes a hired gun, and always a badass.

We had just welecomed an NFG into our group, though it was one that came to us with a lot of experience. Our primary FC was off killing drones in an infestation in our home system, and seemed content to blast the mindless things for the night, so NFG and I decided to go on a two-man roam.

Our ship of choice lately has been the battlecruiser. They're cheap, insurable, and, with the right loadout, pretty damn deadly. I loaded up into my buffer-tanked Brutix, and NFG undocked in his repper-fit Brute.

As far as Concord is concerned, we're both still law-abiding citizens. It's amazing what killing a few Sansha will do for your wallet and for your standing with the local police. They turned a blind eye on our extra-curricular activities as long as we brought them a few Sansha scalps every week.

Since Concord likes us, we had no problem skirting through the high security systems on our way to a sleepy little entrance system into Amarr losec. I jumped in first to test the water.

Before I even uncloaked from the jump, I ran a scan. Several ships that I knew were parked at a local POS showed up, but, like a Christmas present, my scanner revealed that there was a Hulk within 14.3 AU. Fine tuning my scanner, I had the Hulk located at the top belt before I even uncloaked.

"Hulk in the top belt," I radioed to the NFG. I'm going in. I'll call you if I'm needed.

I set course to warp in to the zero point of the belt's position and engaged my warp drive. It was a quick 4AU warp, and I landed within 25km of the Hulk. I set course to intercept and started targeting him. As soon as the targeting was finished, I had him scrammed and webbed (like I needed to web a Hulk), and my Hammerhead II's were on their way. I told the NFG to come on in.

I engaged blasters when I was within range, and they started pounding away. Within seconds, he was into structure, and, not long after, into his pod. I probably could have grabbed the pod, too, but no matter how much you help out Concord, they generally don't like you to kill the capsuleers.

As I boated over to get the spoils of the kill, the Hulk pilot's voice came to me over the rest of the chatter of the local system comms.

"You shouldn't attack a miner. That's not cool." I could hear him sobbing as he talked.

I flipped the system to "transmit" and said, "You shouldn't mine in losec without an escort." Ooh, that struck a nerve, because he started questioning my manhood, and telling me to go brag to all my friends about how I ganked a defenseless miner.

"Hulks are fair game for me," I said, and closed communications. Not wanting to leave well enough alone, I composed a quick message to his CEO letting him know about the Hulk pilot's stupidity.

I figured a little bit of education balances out my act of high piracy. It's sort of a karma thing.