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Testing the waters for advertising on (ingame entities)

Hi all

I'd like to test the water and see if there'd be anyone interested in advertising on .
We've roughly 50k unique visitors per month and 500k page loads/month (Last result May 2007). This month we've had ca 2k unique visitors per day and several thousands more returning users (previously spotted IP's the same month).

So.. would anyone be interested in buying ingame related ads for isk?
Basicly depending on where on the site you'd be paying a fixed price per week.

Would it be an out of game advertiser the price would be roughly 4,5$/CPM (source SEO company which asked to advertise on E-P earlier..) . Calculating from GameTimeCode price at 400mill = 30$ (90 day code) and the CPM price (cost per thousand).

2thousand impressions per day *7days*4,5$ price = 63$/week.
Which'd equal to ca 2 gametimecodes = 800mill/weekly.

Of course I wouldnt dream of charging 800mill/weekly. But from 100-400mill weekly.
The ads would support competitions such as EON ad and other lotteries. As it is now we rely on donations and what I can take from my own pocket.
Ad-size would be normal size 400x60 size placed high up on the website if it were the "high price".
Smaller banners would cost less and depending on placement it would be even less price.

So.. of course I rely on the input from this community that runs eve-pirate. All of our visitors.
Would you be annoyed with seeing more ingame related ads?
Can be anything from recruitment of a corp, selling ingame items, propaganda (in a fun way) and more.

What do you think?
Out of the question?

It's that time of the month again .. when we ask for your help :)

Alright! It's time to get the word out about .
Place a link to us on your favourite websites. Tell your friends. Write stories and submit.
All in all, just get the word out and be active.

Come on, there's no need to be out in the sun when you can stay indoors and read eve-pirate! :-)

We've a lot of exciting news going on. We'll be running a couple of betting competitions and much more.

So tell your relatives that the sunlight is burning your skin, that the pollen outdoors makes your eyes itch and that all those pesky ticks are crawling everywhere outdoors. Summer of EVE, is there any better? ;-)

Of course I'm joking about not being outdoors. Go out and have fun! ... after you tell all your friends about :-)

PVP in EVE compared to other games: Neocron Evolution 2.2

I've decided to take a little break from EVE. Going to try get a bit of perspective on how great EVE PVP is compared to other games. I'll be sticking to SCI-FI but will try a wide array of games.

First game out is Neocron Evolution 2.2. I heard that it had recently had a few content updates which was supposed to fix large areas of gameplay. Neocron players havent been as lucky as us EVE players. A recent review I read somewhere stated that in the past they suffered from lots of bugs, boring gameplay and lack of content updates. Faults and problems which this latest update should remedy. A fresh start for players who havent been as loved by their devs as us EVE players has been by CCP.

Personally I love SCI-FI MMO's as much as fantasy MMO's. I've played everything from Ultima Online to Anarchy Online. Except EverQuest which I loath.. it was just so horribly painfully boring the first times I tried it.

I wanted to try Neocron in the past but those kind of reviews I read put me off. Luckily this new major update gives me a new reason try Neocron Evolution 2.2 which also offers an ideal 14 day trial.

PVP is supposed to be open ended. No point and click, but more like an Anarchy Online game with Planetside PVP. The game makers promise "Neocron Evol 2.2 offers a unique first-person real-time combat. Fast and exciting action with a vast selection of high-tech weapons and vehicles instead of boring click & wait combat.".

Infact lots of aspects in the game is a lot like a mix of EVE Online, Anarchy Online and Planetside. Implants (EVE,AO), character attributes(EVE,AO), boosters(EVE AO), tradeskills (AO, EVE?).. list goes on.

We shall see if the game lives up to my expectations. Hopefully I wont be forced to do boring courier missions or be killed over and over by some NPC overpowered infected rat for the first noob levels.


So there I am... in a future world. Excited about the "green" skies and greenish texture indicating your usual dystopian future.
A game set in a future earth ruined by war and the usual problems brought about with radiation... You know, mutants and such.

Mmmm... muuutants...

Now where do I go to find some action? ..

To be updated...

Why EA shouldn't be allowed to run EVE ONLINE

Imagine if one day you saw a statement on which said

"EDWOOD CITY, Calif., - February 12, 2007 - Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced the acquisition of Crowd Control Productions (CCP Games hf), an Icelandic-based massive multiplayer online game producer. CCP's are known for producing EVE ONLINE, an MMO set in space with recordbreaking numbers of concurrent users in the same gameworld.The acquisition will help accelerate EA's efforts in space simulation and further promoting the space MMO genre. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed."

What could us players expect to see from such overtake?

Long development cycles. If _ever_... Announcing EVE ONLINE II or EVE ONLINE X (X is the fps version, note UO X and UO II) just to be put into development for 5 years and then being binned. (See UO X, UO II and Sims Online etc) Server-clusters popping up on every continent. Lake Austin, Australia, Japan and Germany. A few years later these are empty shells played by less than a couple hundred players (See Ultima Online shards)

What about patchdays? Those will be 2-4 days long depending on how many new cool features they want to cram in. (See 3 days downtime for Battlefield 2/2142 servers) WoWification is a must. (UO in general...)

Two months after the acquisation they would announce the closure of the Icelandic office and other out-of-US offices, ship any remaining employees to USA Texas office.

Announcing that the volunteer program is to be terminated. Don't want to be sued once more by a disgruntled ex-volunteer. (See the UO volunteer program closure)

A year after when the game is on serious decline they will move most of the developer force to other games. Leaving a handful of developers for basic support. (I know this aint EA, but look at PlanetSide.. SoE are the same kind of people.)

Although there have been some hitches along the ride, such as developer misconduct. Thinking of the possibilites of EA takeover on EVE I'm glad that CCP are still at the helm and going strong. Cheers CCP! (and dont you dare plan to sell out to EA)

Support & Sponsorship program

Alright lets try this again.
EVE-Pirate is planning to expand it's website into several sub-projects. We'll be running a couple more competitions and increase our field of interest.

Currently we've raised about 900$ of donations and google adsense out of game. This has been put into upgrading our servers with more ram, disk and cpu.
We've raised ca 1billion isk last year (2006-01 to 2006-12) which was spent on E-ON ad and competition prizes.

EVE-Pirate is strictly not-for-profit project, we will however accept sponsors.

In-game support
- 100mill/monthly: Text-ad for your corporation.
- 500mill monthly: Graphic ad (small ad) + text-ad
- 1bill monthly: Graphic ad (large) + text-ad
Contact me in-game for details. statistics:
roughly 3000-4000 unique visitors per month + 5000 returning different IP's every day.

ISK will be distributed evenly among authors who wish to run competitions.
There'll be strict regulations to make sure this isk is handed out as prizes and worthy causes of .

I want clones IRL too!

Entirely non eve-related, but I have to write this off =(

I've had diabetes (type 1) for about 10 years now, but it wasnt until recently that I noticed small changes in my vision. It looked exactly like when you've looked into a lamp for far too long and see a bright remaining spot. Usually those spots fade and disappear within minutes or hours, in my case it didn't. It only became a little smaller and the brightness faded somewhat, but it was still there. This started some weeks ago, and a few days after I had first seen it I went to the (on-call) doc. She (the doc) saw a small spot where I had described the spot to be (upside down on the retina, cause of how the lens and focus in the eye works).. ok, I pretty much knew it was some sort of retinopathy associated to my diabetes.

Retinopathy is a word for when you have small bleedings on your retina. Pretty much only the severity which changes and what it's caused by (doesnt have to be diabetes).

So, today came the dreaded day when I was going to do the full checkup.
Bad news =( Turns out my eye which I saw the changes on in my vision had far less spots than my right eye. Additionally, the spots are very close to macula .

I can only hope it wont detoriate rapidly, but it's probably bound to happen sometime. Which means Im in the riskzone of getting worse eyesight + losing my reading capability (focus vision).

Any eyespecialists in EVE want to take a shot at how severe it is? ;-) I'll send you my eyebottom-photographs (jpeg).
I bet ya, it's karma coming back to hunt me for all those podkills!

Now where is my A-grade IRL-clone?

My thoughts on Microsoft & Laptops & Anarchy Online

What is it that Microsoft sees in mac OS bloggers?
Or tech freaks at techhaven blogging about how they hacked their toothbrush and enabled a terminal on it...
Well, I don't know :-) I'm just jealous that all these bloggers got a free laptop from Microsoft and we game-bloggers did not.

My ageing computer is running fine for now, but I'd sure like to try out vista on brand new acer laptop running eve.
Working at Microsoft marketing? ;-) send us eve-pirate bloggers a laptop !

Now to AO...
I recently tried out Lost Eden at Anarchy Online, but I found it to be a complete failure.
So the AO people finally got a new PVP zone, some new items to play with... so what? We get that at each EVE-Online content update cycle, FOR FREE!

If your character in AO is low level, you're basicly worthless in PVP. You can't compete with highlevels, you can't specialize or take part in highend gameplay at all. It's all grinding to get exp to finaly get to lvl 220 when your only option is to go PVP or make a new character and start over. PVP in AO isn't particulary interesting either, you go gank someone but you dont risk losing anything. The other player doesnt lose anything, so it's mearely an annoyance if you do die in PVP. You respawn at terminal with all your items intact.
In eve, your character isn't safe, but your character will never be useless either. You'll always have something new to do.

Man, I feel lucky I'm an eve-player!

Smacktalkers in other MMO's!

This is entirely non-related to EVE-Online. Actually it's Anarchy Online.

So there I was, on a NPC:ing team in Anarchy Online. Fighting versus some mobs, it went fairly well until our teamlead decided to invite his organisation-friend .
This guy "Soldierbane" joins our team and starts calling everyone a noob every two second, moaning of how he could be leveling much higher than helping "noobs" like us.

Then in the end he gets the whole team killed when he decides to go PVP in the middle of the NPC-fight. He goes on a rampage telling everyone we suck, that we should've healed him.

I was laughing my ass off at this "PVP":er and told him to shut up.
"Soldierbane: ill kick your ass aswell knob head fuck off"

Dont know what he meant by that, but he looked a bit angry.

Lousy PVP:er calling someone a noob in AO - free.
Getting ridiculed infront of 100000 top "PVP:ers" in EVE-Online - priceless!

Why write for eve-pirate?

This is something of a hint to all of you out there.
I managed to get noticed in the blogsphere for administrating eve-pirate, by no means am I more qualified than some of you authors out here. But I managed to land myself a job consulting for a pro-pokerplayer.

I have the same nationality as him so that's one of the reasons, but also cause he knows I can manage a blog with high amount of visitors.

The job is pretty simple at the moment, administrating his blog and being available for tech-consultation. However it may lead to more. =)

Don't worry, I'm not going to neglect eve-pirate. On contrary, I'll be even more active with blogging now. (Horrible aint it? ;-) )

Now to the point of this post, I encourage you all to submit stories and submit other content to eve-pirate.
There're lots of people reading this blog, maybe someone in your particular field of interest that may notice you?

EVE-Pirate is still about eve-online, but you're always welcome to present yourself as long as it's relevant to your posting. Do remember, not to publicate any private information you are not ready to reveal! Email addresses is enough, spambots will surely notice them ;-)

Update from Ander

It's been an eventful week both ingame and out of game.
First Snigg was contracted to aid AIC. It was pretty uneventful and we came out with more isk than we put into the fight so it was a good deal for both parties.

Secondly, I've been training for a long time and it seems Im nearing completation on some LVL-5 major skills I've put off way too long. They're required in PVP but essential to my capital-ship venture. I've already bought the thanatos and the setup so I'm looking forward to putting it to use sometimes in 2007.

EVE-Pirate is still looking for a professionally made fullsize magazine ad to publish in EON. Keep sending in those suggestions, winner will be given 100mill out of my personal pockets! (I'll have the final word on which ad we'll use)

Also, the competition to the post which has the most reads during a given month is still on. At the moment the leader of this month is one of the staff so there doesnt seem to be any payout that'll be given. I'll be adding another 5mill to the pot every month that passes without a winner!

Now to the "out of game" news. The server footprint is starting to get a bit small for the different projects I'm running. Don't worry, I'm already planning to invest in expanding my serverfarm (and perhaps dedicated) for eve-pirate. Running a business is expensive, and the bandwidth I have over is donated freely to eve-pirate by myself, around 400-500gb monthly. We get quite a lot of hits every day, and many visitors are browsing the pages continously which puts a huge strain on the server. (500 concurrent users times(PHP_memory usage + apache_memory usage + CPU_usage for apache)). A new server is estimated to cost roughly $1000 adding to my current server-arsenal (Web-server: Dual Xeon Backup&Storage: Dual P3 server).

I'm also going to have to get a new car since my old one broke down. I've had to sell it off to already to cover part of the expenses for a new car, but I'm going to try invest in a $9000 car that'll last this time. sigh I hate downpayments =)

October is generally a busy month (studies and work) for me, so I expect many usersubmitted stories to fill the gaps on days I dont have time to write..

Enough of this real life bickering, look forward to a long continued existance of eve-pirate and many nice breaking stories!

Oi. Let's try this again.

Yar. Character rebuilding time, refine the attributes. Making a second run because mining and missions are about as fun as shooting people in a closed cellar. ♥

Cheers to the future victims, my hat would be off to you but I don't have a hat. I killed it. O.o Anyway, expect a return of both OOC advice and RP stories soon.

The mind of an isk-seller - common among them all?

A couple of months ago I used to run a google adword box on this site which would display different ads of interest for the visitors. A lot of the times isk-sales ads would show up and I'd manually have to block their sites from being displayed among the rotation.

One of the sites which I blocked also tried to post isk-sale ads on the forums with links to where you can buy the isk.

I had the pleasure of talking to this guy over email and some of their methods on how to gather is scares me.
What they do is that they forge credit cards and use it to buy timecodes which they sell for isk at low-cost.
Later they sell that isk at higher cost on ebay and other sites.

Another known method is simply to farm isk by multiple accounts this time also using stolen credit-cards.
This guy I spoke to was involved in multiple games and was making a good deal of $$$ from selling gold in wow, isk in eve and credits in AO and other currencies in many other games.

His english was rather crude but I explained to him that he should stop posting isk ads on my forums and that I had blocked his google ad from my page.

He continued by asking me to publish banners on my site and even telling me I could have some isk for the banner. I declined his request. Later he told me he could pay money or give me credit-card numbers for a banner-spot on my site. This too, I declined.

A week passes and I hear nothing more when my phone calls, it's a guy speaking bad english with an accent sounding baltic or russian. He explains to me that he is going to sue me for removing his ads from google. Appearently he thinks I got google to remove his ads from rotation. For some reason he had been removed entirely by google-ads as they had gotten complaints about other illegal stuff he had been doing.

I explain to him I had nothing to do with that, and he continues and starts sounding agressive. Soon he was threating me by phone and telling me he was only one boat-trip over the baltic sea to give me a visit in Stockholm. I told him to piss off and I hung up the phone.

The next day my inbox was swamped with emails from him.

10.01: "I will sue you!"
11.32: "Why you break my google?"
as to say.. this kind of mail conversation was very annoying and soon I blacklisted his email-address from my server and his IP.

A couple of days later I remove the ip-block and I hear nothing more from him for several months.
But if one of these isk-sellers act this way, I do not doubt that there are plenty more with the same kind of attitude and illegal methods selling isk for $.

My advise to you, dont ever buy ISK and support these fellows. Petty criminals with bad accent and rather crude vocabulary who will do anything to steal your credit-card numbers.

Oh, and to you "Mr GOLD-ISK-CREDIT-seller": Dont even bother coming here. I know where YOU live, and I will not hesitate to post your address on every forum related to EVE-online and the other MMORPG games which I play if you threat me again IRL.

Have a nice day :-)

Waging a war against spam

Recently we've started experiencing a flood of spam with trackbacks to published stories.
Thus I've been forced to take some precautions versus this kind of spam. You may notice that some comments you make which includes certain keywords will be forbidden.

I believe this may be a losing war against spam and the ability to freely use the comment-system, however I'll try to keep it available without registration for as long as possible.