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ORE H does another guest appearance infront of our turrets.

So we were scouting out a belt hopping thorax and raven, suddenly the raven disappears from scanners.
We decided to head back to another system and start scanning the belts once more for other prey.

Luckily Theodorovik decided to just check the neighbour system shortly before we'd go. The raven was there!
Orders were given to regroup at the gate and wait for our ceptorpilot to scram the raven.

On the other side of the gate, a cat and rat game was held where the corpmate in a Osprey of this raven pilot from the corp ORE H were following our pilot.

Then suddenly they met back at the gates and for some reason the osprey and raven decided to attack our pilot. Rendering themselves flagged AND attacked by the sentry guns. We barely made it in to finish the fight before the osprey and raven was killed.

The pods were quickly taken care of.

Why this waste of ISK?!
We just wanted to ransom!

Just another day in the life of enjoi.

Warp to IX.. Kill an NPC Thron... Warp to VI... Kill a Thron. Yawn. Life in the sec raising business sure sucks ass I tell you. So i figure, hey, Fuck it. Lets get back to empire and gank some or something. Dock. Kit up. Got my raven and travel rig, Tanked to the balls, WCSx4 on my lows with a PDU II. This baby is ready for fun. Shit, almost forgot the FOF's in the high. Stock em up then I'm outta there.

The journey from LSC4-P is never uneventful, as fate has taught me. Never more than today. Two jumps Away from the MHC-R3 gateway system i hit a 14 ship mixed TunDragon Teddybear fleet. Ha oh joy, I now need to change the leathers in the Raven control seat. Never the less, I manage to warp away easy enough. I lead them a merry chase all the way to MHC, where a WOR member, who will remain un-named assisted me through via scouting gates. As i jump through the MHC gate into Harroule, I make a mental note to take down the guys pants who sold me the Insta Bm's.

Jumping into the 0.1 system is nothing new, so i let my trigger finger relax. Two phoons little over -1.0 Sec are approaching the gate, no known KOS locals, nothing is amiss. I uncloak And they lock me up. Ha. Bitches dont know who theyr messin with, obviously.
I hit the hardeners and lock back. My resistances are amazing. My boost rate is insane. MY launchers are loaded. They both open fire under the watchful sentries who dont even start ripping them up due to my citizen scaring security status. These guys have no respect from me. I hit the stop button and start to approach the Typhoon pilots, Raven lights ablaze, Seige engines warming. The FOF's do their work and start ripping them immediately.

Pissed off with the shitty 300+ hits that read on my scanner as the Dragon class Cruise FOF's hit them, I take a breather and reload to torps. Shields are still at a comfortable 70%. I break the first phoons tank and take him into structure. The splash creates ripples in the vaccum as they pound his hull. A smile creeps over my lips as I feel that surge of adrenalin that comes with power. The WOR member laughs his head off in local as i get smack talked to the high Heavens and back down to the Seventh circle of Hell. Ha. Caps a little low now, so I leave it, warp out and let them know that even though they had me scrammed, I /was/ in control of the situation, both in the fact I was WCS'ed and Kicking their small time asses. The flames in local are unbelievable. I tilt my head back and laugh hard. God damn. Best head back to Adirain and terrorize some other locals.
God Damn. Just another day I think to myself. Ha. Just another day.

Hope you folks enjoi the read, didnt take long but is highly amusing, and if ya like I can give ya the player names IG so you can send them mails lol.

Peace! We out! enjoi!

Anti-piracy: Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking...

So.. some people tried to gank us at a gate.
An apoc, deimos and wolf attacked our scouts on a smaller strikeforce.
We held them scrammed while the rest could come and join in. The sentries were proving to be doing a good job aswell! :-)

Edit: One of our opponents added a comment to this post to explain their view of this incident.
I must give them props for trying to fight us. That's some guts I wish I had sometimes :-)

[00:43:27] Ander > Thanks for the loot buddies.
This'll be reported on :-)
[00:45:07] Jerat >
what did you guys loos? just one or 2?
[00:45:18] Ander > we lost no ships
[00:45:32] Ander > some others lost a deimos,
apoc and something
[00:45:36] Ander > not sure what the third ship
[00:45:46] Jerat > yes, deimos that were me :-)
[00:46:00] Ander > were you guys trying to
pirate our cruiser pilot?
[00:46:03] Jimmy James >
thx guy lol
[00:46:05] Ander > like gank him at a gate... ?
[00:46:24] Ander > Cause I have no idea why
the hell you started shooting at us.
[00:46:27] Jimmy James > was worth a try
[00:46:28] Jerat > nahh were were just checking
him out
[00:46:34] have2laugh > he he
[00:46:42] Ander > who was the apoc pilot?
[00:46:50] Ander > ah yes. Jimmy
[00:46:56] Ander > and Jeret the deimos
[00:47:00] Ander > the third ship, what was it?
[00:47:06] Ander > and who piloted?
[00:47:08] Theodorovik > a wolf, right?
[00:47:25] Jerat > were have not done that
mutch PvP so this was a good experiance, thou
Id like that we took out some of you also :-)
[00:47:28] Jimmy James > well I learned a
[00:47:40] have2laugh > yup, gate guns /hurt/
[00:47:40] Jerat > wolf got killed by sentrys
[00:47:51] Ander > mmh... dont try to shoot
someone with ceptor/scram support
[00:47:55] Ander > especially not at a gate
[00:48:02] Jimmy James > lol thx
[00:48:08] Jerat > Kadago were the wolf. His
first PvP
[00:48:16] Teh Shaz > and attacking someone
that insta's to a aget
[00:48:21] have2laugh > ouch hard way to learn
[00:48:22] Ander > ass frigs or anything smaller
than HAC or BS shouldnt be trying to tank

Full report: Pirate hunters bite the dust in my home-system...

A very Bad idea.

Tonight I undocked from a station in one of our home-systems. Hoping to take on an industrial which I knew was going to undock eventually.
Turns out he tipped off two pirate hunters from Blood Hunters corp. Their names will be left out per request.
I got shot at by sniperthrons (megathrons with sniper load-out) at 150km range. My armour tank on my own megathron held pretty well, but it was no use staying to get fired upon.

I notified one of my mates that they were camping the station and he was set to stand-by just outside of the system. I warped back to the station and they fired upon me right away once more. Deeming themselves criminals to the sentry-guns, but still out of range.

The thing they did not expect that I had bookmarks very close to their location. I landed right ontop of them and scrambled one of their ships as my mate (Theodorovik) jumped into the system and jumped to me to scramble the other one.

The loot included 1x scouts, 3x prototypes and 3x compressed 425mm's , 5x tracking enhancers II, 2x sensor boosters II, 3x magnetic field stabs II, 'Orion' tracking cpu and one ZW-4100 siege missile launcher.

Chat in local after:

EVE System > Channel changed to snip Local Channel
bbbbbbb > lol crap
P Bush > you guys having fun :-)
bbbbbbb > lol am dead
XZX405 > lol
bbbbbbb > have fun with the loot guys
Ander > thx people
Ander > I considered you nap still
XZX405 > well done guys
Ander > but...
bbbbbbb > nap?
Ander > You shot me
Ander > yeah
XZX405 > i said well done guys
Theodorovik > thank you
XZX405 > lol
XZX405 > didnt expect that
XZX405 > should have been wachin local
XZX405 > 8(
Ander > You should.
Ander > But take this as revenge for that kill you got from me before.
Ander > With interest.
XZX405 > lol
Ander > ffs... you got billions in your wallets? :S
XZX405 > ?
XZX405 > why m8
Ander > that stuff was worth good 200mill :S
Ander > each bs
XZX405 > yea
XZX405 > shit happens
Ander > well you got my named scrammed killed before
Ander > goot 60mill isk worth
XZX405 > yea
XZX405 > true
Ander > Expect a report at
Ander > If it's ok with you guys.
Ander > Otherwise I wont put in the names.
XZX405 > lol
XZX405 > no names please dude
Ander > rgr mate
Ander > bbbbbbb
Ander > ah he left
EVE System > Channel changed to Ladistier Local Channel