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Pirate Gone Null

Alliance Tournament IX recently ended and the united was not the victor. Looks like its time for our pilot to move on with her plan to conquer the infamous nullsec. Into Curse she goes...

Its 0500 Zulu and pretty quiet. INIT. controls the station during this hour so its all blued up right now. After having tried to catch a couple Cynabals and a Vaga in HLW with her Rapier and Widow combo she heads back to G-0.

"Guess I'll get back in the Malediction."

Sitting outside the station, our pilot spots a Crusader at a tactical and burns for it... Continue reading "Pirate Gone Null"

outnumbered, outgunned... f@#k it lets go

With the dissolving of the space police we are now left with the remnants of a once thriving pirate alliance now scrounging to put fleets together from what is left. what caused the disbanding is not even important as it had nothing to do with our efficiency in pirating. so we are left with this state of affairs...

Gunmen have increased their forces, lg has fled and united have been keeping to themselves. the former space police, gunmen and united are all at ends with one another and fighting daily. most of the united have respect for the space police systems and do not travel in them often. the gunmen on the other hand, look for every opportunity to camp out gates stopping high sec targets from entering and waiting for easy kills. this makes us angry.
we decided to take a trip to otou to harass the gunmen a little and see what else we could find. we took in a raptor, curse and drake. there are a few gunmen in system, maybe 5 or 6, but they appear to be afk for the most part. we see a rupture and merlin on scan, they appear to be ss'd. our drake pilot hops in his arazu and begins to probe...
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Gank gone wrong...

this evening started out like any other. we are at war with another corporation but they havnt been around to fight, so i decided it was a nice time to learn how to probe out ships. i started in otou, my new old stomping ground. its one of my favourites because of the arrangement of belts makes it pretty easy to find people on the directional scanner. so i start probing and after about 20 minutes of that and no positive results, i decided to give up and try my luck on some targets i saw on directional scanner. i dock up and grab my trusty arbitrator all t2 fitted with my array of drones. this may not seem like much to you, but with only 4.5mil sp, i think im doing pretty good to have a -10 sec status mainly from the use of my arby.

i head out to my scan spot to start looking through the belts. i can see them on 360 but cannot seem to find anything on 5. so i decide to sit in a belt and wait. nothing comes. i grow bored and tired and make one last attempt at 5 degree scans and i get a hit, a punisher on planet 6! this is too good to pass up and will be easy for me to pop if i can get a lock on him before he bolts. i warp into to planet 6 area at 0 and viola, there he is and ready to fight. Continue reading "Gank gone wrong..."

Random Rifter roaming

Hi there, this is my first and maybe last post because I am lazy and english is not my first language. Anyways, I use to roam around Amamake and wreak havoc in my trusty Rifter. Sometimes this includes horrible Failure, just like today.

The first thing I did after going online in Amamake and scanning was warping to a Belt where I saw a Rifter. I landed right on top of a Rapier. Even though I got some kills under my Belt now I tend to panic sometimes, just like this time. I thought he allready tackled me and attacked him – go down in a blaze of glory right? Then I noticed he was actually doing... nothing. I tried to warp out immediately, but then came the inevitable tackle, Webs on me, Drones eating my Shields and Armor. I aligned to a Celestial and spammed the Warp Button, but too late, too slow, too dumb.

So my EVE day started perfectly. I got a new Rifter and returned to Amamake. There was still a Rifter in System, but a Vagabond seemed to chase him, so I just watched the hunt on my Scanner. The Vagabond could not catch the Rifter, which jumped out of the System. I followed it to Vard where the Rifter pilot seemed to roam the Belts, but then we met at a Planet, he probably wanted the fight. His ship melted fast, which surprised me. Then I noticed he only fitted T1 modules. I wondered why you would fly a Rifter like that, I can not image you could win a fight except versus russian Ratters.

This did not help my lust for revenge and I proceeded to roam the Systems. I arrived in Dal when I noticed a Stabber, slowboating 450 Km away. I warped to a Safespot and debated if I should try to go for him.Usually Stabbers dont have a web and I could get rid of his Drone pretty fast. Things could get nasty if he has a neutralizer fitted though. Fuck it. I warped back to the gate at 100 Km and saw him still slowboating away. I wondered if he is Afk but could not imagine someone be that foolish. He was in line with a couple of Celestials far behind him, so I warped to a Planet, and tried to get a spot near him on my way back. It did not work so well, and when I got back to the gate he was off the Grid. Now this made me even more determined to get him. I warped around a couple of times, but the best I could do was landing 130 Km away from him... still slowboating. I was half convinced now that he was Afk and burned towards him. After nervously waiting on my way to him I managed to tackle and slowly ate his Shields. Even though he was Afk I was pretty excited because I could teach him a lesson... oh wait, maybe I should not burn all my guns, almost failed again. So he went down, dropped some nice T2 Loot, and I podded his ass. Sorry mate, but dont fly Afk in Lowsec, ever, anywhere.

I hope I get some lovemail <3

So, thanks for reading, I hope it was somewhat entertaining, even though short. Fly safe!

Wormholes and

Sometimes things just come together and work a charm. Tonight was one of those nights.

The short story begins with a Veto. Corp roaming gang spread out over around 5 systems, probing for any potential wormholes. Normally our kills in Wormholes are in, kill, and out. But tonight was different...

SmurfR, one of our many capable combat pilots, found himself a wormhole. Personally, I was 9 jumps away unknowingly probing out other wormholes. SmurfR reported that he'd got one, anyway, and that there was nothing in it. He searched then instead for another Wormhole inside the one he was already in. Happily we carried on searching until SmurfR reports that now he is not only in Deep Unknown Space, hes now five unknown system deep, and guess what? Hes found himself a Mining Operation in progress.

The system was Mannar, where we had to meet, and meet we did. We made our best speed to the location and one of our forward scouts had already found the first two Wormholes that SmurfR had used. This sped things up greatly. Excitement on Vent flooded the channel as we heard what was available;

Caldari Navy Raven

There were also reports of two more Navy Issue ships at a POS, however this was irrelevant.

Smurf lead us through and we held on the final gate, anxiously waiting for the hit on the probe and the call to jump through. Thanks to the advanced Probing system, we could simply jump the entire gang in and warp.

What was only a few minutes felt like a life time - Rarely do we get such turkey shoots, the most notorious one I ever had being the The Hulmate Massacre. (Worth a Download, honestly, even if I did make the Vid myself.)

Anyway, finally, the call was made and the Wormhole fluctuated, letting each ship pass through. Moments later we were already in warp, and as soon as we landed, we knew we had them all. Our Heavy Interdictor set up its bubble in an instant, my Pilgrim locked straight onto the Absolution, as did our others, but there was little point to this as the damn thing was tainted by a rack of mining lasers. Pods popped and ships exploded, imploded, or just plain ploded, until one left standing - and only because we'd chosen it - the Navy Issue Raven.

Checking his fit with our ship scanner, we knew what he was worth and demanded 600million ISK. Unfortunately for him, he refused to pay and wound up leaving Wormhole space with the rest of his gang - back to empire the fast way.

The loot was good, as you can see by the link below. We headed home the five jumps out of Wormhole space, luckily leaving no members behind, then the long journey back home. Success.

Anyway, I figured I'd share that little moment with you. Wormhole space is a great, great place to be, and very profitable.


Izo Azlion
Veto. Corp

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I'm new, cut me some slack.

"Undocking" i heard as i raced to my controls.

Only a couple weeks out of the academy and i had already landed a few good agent missions and scored a decent frigate. My trusty Rifter. Decent might be an understatement; it is probably the best friagte i've seen in the minmatar fleet. I had been training several skills to use shield and armor appliances, as well as the skills to use a nos, web, and scram.

I had just turned in another mission in Rens when my friend warped into the system. He opened up a com and started talking about this nice little low sec system called Olfiem. It was what i like to call a Cul-De-Sac system. it only had one way in and out. The Gate was in dammalin, a 0.5 sec mining system where i stored most of my assets.

It sounded like a good idea. Very good idea...

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Human Stupidity Will never sease to amaze

After finishing a little salvaging op, Illy and I headed back to the station to see what I had collected. Only for a guy with -6.4 sec status to state "ok how much 2 save my ship". As usual, illy took advantage of this situation as you can see from the local chat log.

bulebolt > ok how much 2 save my ship
illy111 > 20 mil
bulebolt > ok stop shooing
SpamooM > send first
illy111 > now
Gradinger > lol
illy111 > wts so funny
bulebolt > dne
bulebolt > well
SpamooM > Thanks
SpamooM > =D
dabaron > lol
illy111 > <3
bulebolt > weel can i save my ship
Gradinger > nope
SpamooM > you will have to ask the guys who are shooting you

As you can tell, We gained a fair amount of cash from sitting in a station =D. There is a lesson to be learned here folks, Never underestimate human stupidity.


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Bit too short... but ok, it's a slow news day.

My start as a pvp'er

First of all, i'll introduce myself, i'm a pvp noob, with countless loses and 3 kills by now, but i think i'm learning really fast :-). Besides that, i tried to be a pirate and i just couldn't destroy ppls ships, so i ended up refunding every isk i was destroying because i felt sorry for doing a bad thing. So i figured i'd rather become an antipirate, that protects innocent carebears from the bloody pirates :-). But because there’s no antipirate forum I could find, I figured I could as well post my stories here, since we r somehow linked :-P.

So, said-done, i created this char and started to train my learning skills from the start, with a nice set of +3's, my other char is a trader so i had more than enough isk to invest in my pvp char :), dreaming of how i will become a great pvper.

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A Tale of Three Killmails

I started playing Eve-online about four months ago, and enjoyed the game with my trader. But as I played I grew frustrated with how much time I had to divert from my trading skills to basic ship command skills and combat skills. Feeling a nagging thirst for violence (I'd never actually been in PvP, even with a gang), and wanting to focus on just one skillset, I started over from the beginning and set out for a life of piracy.

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Jokes on me

Hi, I'm a new Eve player is hoping to become a full-fledged pirate one day, and I decided I'll go to a security level 0.4 system to practice living in it and roast a few rats.
Needless to say it didnt go as planed.

I was happily destroy everything in my sights with my Kestrel (fully insured), with 4 named level 1 tech 1 light missle launchers and my civilian shield booster (best I could do with my skills), when a guy shows up and proceded to drop da bomb, blowing my ship to smithers along with the rats.
afterwards when Im in my pod he private chats me and apologies, stating he was bored, and gives me some money to pay for the loses of equipment and loot. I replied that it wasnt a problem, and went on my way back to my home base.

Needless to say, I find this amusing and take it as a important lesson: Always be careful. If that person is reading this, no hard feelings, and it shows I'm not quite ready for low sec area's yet. So off I go to increase my knowledge and wisdom( plus skills), until the day I can join the sacred brotherhood of pirates.
And besides, if anyones to blame for my loses, its me for being stupid, and it was amusing after I realised what happened.

Now, Tally-Hoo!

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Bit too short, but I'll let it slide this time.

Teaching miners to steal ore

I've been a reader of Eve Pirate for a while now and decided it was time to post one of my own.

Pirate stories don't exactly come thick and fast for me because I'm not a full-time evil criminal. I do however want to get as much as possible from my monthly subscription so I try to get involved in everything the game has to offer. This means that it's great for me to have two characters and a dual identity.

One character is trained for PvP, has been in a merc corp and has no worries about losing his sec status for a little bit of fun. I respect piracy and PvP in general as being the most creative and challenging gamestyle available and I couldn't do without my fix once in a while. My other character is a member of a mission running/mining/industrial corp. The idea being to provide a safe environment, away from all the bad guys for new players to get into the game. My excuse is that we're trying to do something for the community but OK... I'll say it - we're carebears.

It will come as no surprise to the readers of this site that we cannot keep our rookies safe from the nasty PvP all the time. We practice flying in a gang, do some low-sec stuff and frigate tournaments. All the normal things to help people to be able to defend themselves, but at the end of the day some people get it and others would rather avoid it.

What happened the other night gave me hope for the new generation.

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Carebear Stare

Quick one this time.

I was out in RISE space, with some SNIGGs and a few Goons. I'm out in a Myrmidon. We're generally looking about searching for stuff to kill. We had a Drake jump through into the gate we were camping, and cloaked again. We couldn't find him to de-cloak him so eventually most of us warped off searching for more targets, but one guy stayed behind.

We get the call that he's de-cloaked, and been tackled, and we all rush back. Shooty shooty, and just has the hull is about to be breached, the dictor pilot throws up a bubble. Love Goons. Pod goes squish, and I'm on the pod mail. Those 2 sensor boosters really help.

After that we spread our forces out to get cover all the gates. Again the call goes out that a target is seen, and we rush in. Too late however, as the guy got away. Someone saw the direction, and warped off telling where. I followed, and mid-warp I'm told there's a blob on the gate. Thats fantastic. I'm about to lose my Myrmidon because of Goons. Hate Goons.

I get to the gate, and its the carebear stare. Theres about 20 guys from RISE sitting here, all frigs and cruiser. One guy locks me and starts shooting. Three more lock me. I'm at 90% shield. Eventually they all start shooting me. I'm at two-thirds shield, and jump through, leaving them all on the wrong side of the gate.

I load up on the other side of the gate, and WHOOP WHOOP Whoop whoop..... I'm out of there faster than a cat that's been caught pissing on the bed.

Quickly make a SS, and sit there. No-one jumped in after me.

Love RISE.

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Mission Jinxed and also looking for a place to settle

Hi, me again :-) this time losing ship after ship.

So it's thursday evening and I am bored. Corp chat is quiet.. well I think to myself maybe I should run a mission or two, there is an agent available so why the heck not. So I run some missions and get even more bored.
So than I run into lwo sec with a light neutron blaster setup and 1600 rolled tungsten plate setup thorax and a friend in an incursus class frigate. We roam a bit starting from Dastryns to Pelille and than start moving north. We jump a few systems and I manage to scan icredibly quick a drake. We warp on top of him and start pounding and releasing drones and hitting him withh everythign we got. So far so good.

Than all of a sudden I am webbed and his drake has nos fitted so I'm out of cap and some light t2 drones eat at my armor between the missile hits. I realise there is no thign we could do and this was clearly how I am losing my ship and crew. I engage emergency gang warp and my friend lands in safety while I watch helplesly my hull vanishing. This is the begining to disaster (also know as a really nasty series of loses).

Ok, no point geting discouraged, that was one hell of a battlecruiser but surely better times will come.

So I use another cruiser and find another drake and I do not learn my lesson. I jump on it with the nec kdry and itchy fingers and while this battle is not going in my way it would be premature to worry and just keep hoping as the enemy shields also go down slowly. So perhaps I lack in skills and proper sized guns would be different but I just have to try and get this one. Besides I am not webed and not warp scrambled. And than my early days in eve acquaintance Zero Threat coes along in a megathron and blows me into peaces.

Still, nice fight and no point to lose hope. Many good battles will come. Yeah my ass.

So I go into empire and fit an incursus and start ore flipping when I land on an hiperion. Cool. I has drones out and just stays and guards teh can. No point to challange this guy, he is obviously there for the show and by his age he may very well be knowing what he is doing. I just innocently select all in his can and than order by type. Which mind you is a flaging act and iend up dead. Lesson in game mechanics :-)

Soon after this I engage a guy in a drake in some Caldari system and I get obliterated again, this time in my vexor. I had a gravietric ecm fitted and it had no effect what so ever through the entire fight. I mean not once did he lose target on me. Must have missed the threads about the ecm nerf.

By now it is already weekend and we chat in corp and make a raid or two but with not much success, seems working as team can get hard with people not knwoing each other.

We decide ore flipping is getting quite old and we should move into low sec space for good. And so we do. We each pick a place to scout and get an idea about. I am going to Passari :-)
Destination reached and scanner is online. Belt checks turn out a 14 day old newbie corp vexor. Than a kessy jumps in. Than I decide to jump in. And all seems fine untill my early scans in mid warp of the belt start showing other ships. This is what happened:
1. newbie vexor warps to belt. 2. kessy pirate jumps in afetr him 3. I warp towards them 4. in the meantime other pirates warp in
So we end up with: vexor - kessy - me(vexor) - maller - thorax - crow - crusader and by the time I warp out in a pod I think an ishkur was there also. Now wtf ?!

I equip an incursus quickly and give it another go. I manage to find a merlin rattgin and quickly kill him but by the time I grab some loot a deimos warps in. I run but leae stuff behind. As soon as I get out of warp so doeas he. I warp again and again he is after me adn than I try and pull a trick and wap into a cluster of things but when I warp out he is right behind me. I try grab some stuff and warp but he has me locked down quite good. So I die again.

Yeah, I guess a pirates life can be more than exicting at times, keeping you alert and blessing you with thrills. But for a newby pirate in a newby pirate corp it can be very frustrating. High sec empire is making us nice isk while low sec empire is drying our wallets.

So where is a newie pirate going to settle ?

I think I was junxed by running that mission and with one tiny little kill I feel better but I'm still looking a loss > win situation. The number of vet pirates is very high. So is the number of good vet anti pirates. Somehow I need to get back to getting kills and not losings ships state.


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A Lazy night

I didn't plan on doing any fighting tonight. I logged in in a safespot, in a system that frequently has an ISK farmer in it. I'm in an Arazu, and cloaked as soon as I could see my screen. I had a cluster of belts in scan range, and just pinged the scanner every now and then.

All I logged in to do was to run some background checks. Then local lit up.

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