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My pirate days - from excitement to dispair

Heya, some time since I posted my doings, so here I am:

It's Saturday, my first weekend in teh city after a longtme, so it's best time to try and recuperate the lost eve weekends. I log on and decide to go to low sec for real fun and better fights. Done, incursus is ready and away we go, a few jumps and I hit Ostingele. I don;t really like this system because it has only 1 belt btu still. I search and nothing (going to get those scan skills and probes, then you'll see filthy mission runners). A few jumps here and there I find a megathron mining with 5 ogre Is out and I decide to give my incursus the chance to prove it's worth.
So I BM near the mega, warp out acting 'scared' and then land back right on him. And I start to pound at the ogres, but to my surprise they hit me better than I thought and before I manage to kill one ogre I feel the sudden need to warp out, and so I do. I even had a nice chat with the guy in local, proved he was a nice pilot. So I decide to go get my vexor and give it another shot, because my ligh drones should shred those ogres to pieces and I go to pelille and get a vexor. Start moving back but by the time I get back he is no longer there :-(

I roam some more and jumping through a gate I see a blinking jaguar being not so close to teh gate. I start aproaching and taregting and to my surprise he does the same, OK we have a fight ready. So I get into eb range and hit the module, also scrambler, 2 medium nos and release the drones. His shield starts going down but he is gettign his web on my droens and starts killing them. I keep retracting to done bay adn the releasing and so on but still with the web on he manages to slowly kill my drones.
At this point I could call for some help as a couple of guys in the corp just loged on, but decide this is to fun to be spoiled even if I miss the kill.
So we keep hittign each other, reapairing, hitting droens, retracting drones, releasing drones untill I am left with 3 drones. At this point I realise my mistakes:
1) I have tech 1 hobgoblins which give hav thermal damage and tech 1 hammerheads :-(
2) I have a full nos setup, if I had some guns he would have been dead long ago
So this is a stalemate and dowtown shutdown counts to 1 minute. We have a nice talk and I'm givem soe good points on how to kill a Jaguar next time I meet one. I dock and servers are off.

Later in the day, servers are up for a couple of hours at least. Log on, Start moving again and I find a newby in a thorax ratting. I warp in, close the gap, nos, this time I have some small rails on 125s, web , scram, hit him with drones. He is going down and fast, half of the spawn starts hittign me, my npc advantage is not valid anymore. Convo comes up, mm, I intended to kill, oh well, guess what, I know the guy :-) not know in rl but I know the guy and this is how I do another mistake for the day: I stop my modules, to let the guy warp, he does not warp for whatever reason, I think it's a good time to warp, but nah.. so the NPCS KILL HIM ! I will never, ever, again let a target go no matter what. Well I still got the loot, the named rep and ion blasters.

The rest of the day goes without many inteersting things , I kill an incursus in my incursus, but he's a coupe of days old newby so nothign interesting there.

Corp chat starts to get more and mor alert, we got 5 peopel online ready for some action, plus a new recruit whos application has just been accepted. So we form up a 6 man gang and decide to roam high sec space, flipping ore cans and gettgin people agroed. We got a gang of: 2* incrusus, 1 minnie destroyer, 1 maulus, a merlin I think and maybe another incursus. Wine if flowing and gang is moving. We keep going and make maybe 10-11 jumps all over the verge vendor region and than back. Not many feel liek fighting back for their ore adn the night seems dull. But then from one of the belt the signal comes out to the rest of the gang: WARP IN! a quick inspection shows a VAGABOND is our enemy. The guy goes for the nearest target as 5 other pilots land a few meters fro mhim and soon 3-4 web are on the vaga. A little group of drones hits him from all the parts and little guns pound at his shields. MY remote sensor dampners mu make a nice show also and by the time any of us is in any real danger he is dead. HELL YEAH, 5 frigates adn 1 destroyer with all t1 gear and more lack of skills than skills manage to kill a vagabond by good use of tactics (and blobing). We lost one frigate to concord as one of our guys targeted the wrong pilot and shot during the fight, while the same guy targeted me and shot and met teh same fate under concord guns. Seems he was trying to aid the vaga but did not realise the vaga took from our bait can and he can not help. Oh well, nice loot for us, neting at a quick look over 15 mil. Plenty of frigates I'd say.

Sunday goes well but with no real interesting fights for me, some kills for my corp mates and one guy comes out with a new tactic from empire: 'free mining drones'. Yeah, he talks to people in local about the weather, than asks subtle about drones and then offers the drones for free. Well, not quite free...
Drones are ejected outside station or belt. You can guess the rest.

So monday starts and we're about 9-10 people working in a gang, now without me who's recruiting and too tired to respond in proper manner to coordination of any sort. So I roam lone wolf through low sec seeking targets while talking to people and spaming the recruitment channel and pising some people off.
Not much is on scanner but a caracal, oh wait, two caracals. Nice target I think and decide to scan a bit more and try out my luck. But I have no luck at all adn decide to risk it: go to belt, see nice 175k battlecruisers, start killing them, keep scaning. I kill one bc, than killing the other bc adn a caracal is on scanner. A caracal apears on overview. He is well at 25km from me but I act newby and wait while killing the npc battlecruiser. The distance between us starts to shrink and when he is almost 10 km I hit apraoch and turn on the afterburner. He targets and we're on. Warp disruptor is on and I call back my light scouts and release the hammerheads but this time I do not target the npc but the caracal. He hits me with heavy missile and I get him in web range and nos all his cap away. Shields gong down and I still got armor while tanking both him and the npc. I hit his armor well and soon enter hull. I now realise he has a damage control on because his hull is gong down slower than normal. I'm almost in hull myself and by the time I kill him my hull is 80%.
Emergency warp initiated and while aligning I call back the drones which manged to back in due to the small distance between his wreck and me. Once the drones in I warp to safety only repair my armor and assess the loot: nice 2.5 mil named heavy missile launcher and some normal stuff but in all close to the prioce of my ship, including the npc reward :-)

I move on and get rid of the loot and keep roaming for about an hour and a hlf withtu geting any more atention and then I get a guy in an ishkur in the same system I roam. He is much older, skilled and -7 or something. I keep seeing him in local and I keep realising why the number of tarets is low , especialy when I get this in local "xxxxx please don;t kill me, please man". Competition. Now I land on a gate about 30 minutes later and I see this guy landing there also so I jump into Ostingele. Stay claoked, he jumps also. I hit afterburner and target and nos but he quicly runs out of nos range and web, he has better speed in the ishkur than me in my vexor.
Five tech 2 hobgoblins come out and I web one, kill it, nos the other drones hehe and so on but this guy is at like 58-59 km from me. I could easely warp out a my armor repairer does not keep up with the damage I get but I still have hope and I keep shooting the drones. I kill another drone and see the ishkur close to me as my armor hits 40%. I can stil lwarp but I don;t.
Noses are on the ishkur, web is on drone and guns are on drone. Scrambler is on ishkur. Drone is retracted despite web and then soon released. So it's that retarct and release game... And it's gettign clear I am dead but I still do not try and warp away. Oh well, I almost reach hull and I start spaming the warp button. But I die before I manage to warp and then see the message: I was scrambled in the last part of the fight.
1) plenty of time to warp, but I do not
2) I have 5 lights and 4 meds in dronebay but use none
This is more or less what the guy wrote in local after the gf and normal stuff: "you should probably ge tsome sleep mate" Yeah he was right, I am using a drone boat and do not release the drones during about 5 minutes fight. I deserve to die !

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Path to covetors

So I find myself bored with mission running. I check the long path of learning and skilling in front and decide it's time for something more exciting.
Vaere has a nice sky and a familiar layout, best place to start on my way. The trusty old incursus is renamed: 'stinkursus'. old Dihania's Vexor is renamed: 'vexocraptor'. Than stinkurusus leaves the ship hangars of the station and flaots silently in the space through the undock.

Not much point for scannin I reckon and there is no one else to argue with that, alone. Belt one, empty,belt 2 empty, belt 3 empty.. by now I'm asking is this is the right thing to do, but than, vexor mining in a can. I get closer , jetisson 1 piece of antimatter and than switch the minerals in the can.
The 'victim' stops mining and I stay and watch, will it agress? will it obliterate me ? will it just start mining again ? DRONES COME OUT! I try and scramble and target the drones, I soon realise I have no chance and run. Yes, run. No point in loosing a ship and the crew when you can fight another day. But it's not just that....

Soon the vexociraptor leaves the station towards the belt. I can't wait so I start scanning this time and yes, he is there. I slowly move towards the enemy hsip blinking red. I check info, he is in a much much large corp (mine has only me :-D). I try quickly to asess local and find he has 2 mates in the area. Still, no time to back off, time to see some action, much needed action.

1, 2, 3 small nosferatus engage the enemy, 1, 2 small neuts soon follow. web is in full effect and the scrambler makes it's second cycle. nothing can change my course now. I target his dornes and start killing them with my trusted wave of warriors. A couple minutes later he has no drones and has enagged the self destruct sequence. I check local again, he has no more mates in local.. some corp, I'd rather be alone... The timer counts down but just as I'm about to lose hope, he reached hull and soon becomes cosmic dust.

Not much was gained fomr the wreak, but it has sealed my path. The vexociraptor docks and Vaere goes silent yet again.

A new day begins and the excitement of the kill is still echoing. Time to roame the belts again and find more, much more targets. But Vaere is silent, 20 in local, missin running, passing by, reading the news..
So the stinkursus makes it's way to the nreby system of alentene, a better populated system but with only 3 belts.
This proved to be fruitfull, as in the second belt a huge gang is mining in a can. I stick around and observe as in slow motion the cycles of the covetor reaping teh asteroid of it precious ores and miner drones serving their master. As time goes by I notice the iteron III coming out of warp and aproaching the can, then moving away, and warping off. Time to check those contents before the beast gets it all.
I make haste and burn the ships afterburners to full speed on a colision course with the covetor near the can, and bang, direct hit. The huge ship moves a bit and I have to reaproach the can. 1 peace of antimatter goes in space and a new can apears on the overview. Soon after the old can explodes in cosmic dust.

And than I wait. The modules are on, prepared to be fired, the blood fills the veins and the pulse goes like a crazed drumer on votka. And than the gang moves, the miner drones are called back in and soon new drones come out of some of the bays. And sooner than I think I'm in armor, and the repper is barely cycling when I'm reaching hull... phew, emergency wapr iniated and I'm safe at a planet. The stinkursus docks and I go stare at the alentene sun and figure this out.. yes, must get the vexociraptor here asap. Shuttle, undock, warp, jump... time slips away and the vexociraptor reaches alentene local.

As I search the bookmarks I realise I have none. This is not good. I make haste and soon the out of warp land me 10 km away form my taget. I can't believe the covetors is still there, but not only that, it is mining peacefully like nothing has happened. Timer is in full check and I can pound the ignorant fool for the next 4 minutes. Plenty of time to travel the 10km and destroy him.
Nos is active, neutralizers are active, scrambler and web are go and 5 hammerheads exit the drone bay.
But wait, the iteron beast has returned and has just taken the contents of my can. AND I just got myself two targets :-)

In no time I hit afterburner and hit the industrial, switch the scrambler fomr the covetor to the iteron and the covetor explodes leaving a wreack just for me. And in no time the iteron follows. I've sent tthem to ship heaven.

And yes "'strips' come from a can, they were put there by a man" :-)

Cleared for publication by: Ander


Sunday evening and I'm back home, eager to log on. 30k people online which means there are lots of people in empire so for me thats a good thing bringing more possible targets.
I chat a little in corp with the other guy in Oyst and then soon after I get another application, we are now 3 pilots which sets me in a good mood. A quick tour of the Cistuavert area shows that there not so many mining ops with a can and I end up back to Scolluzer. Belt 1 empty, bet 2 has a retriever can mining. I check the pilot (Norwegian| or something) and his corp and I figure he must be alone because the description of the corp says they are a small miner corp based in Metropolis. I chekc the attributes and they are under 10 people.

My vexor warp in, closes the gap, takes the can and all the ore becomes mine. 'My peanut' is how I call my cans :-). I see no reaction at first and decide to move on not feeling like hauling. Than local chat starts flashing. Norwegian| is ranting about me stealing his ore, the guys in local encourgae him for whatever reason and he starts threatening my life. All the other belts are empty and I set standings to his corp to better see if any are in local. He is alone.

I warp back in and he gets out 3 scout drones and gets himself flagged. I get closer, release hobgoblins, kill his drones, he is still threatening in local and calling me names. I start nosing him too and hitting him with my drones and blasters. He goes down, reaches hull and than he goes like: "No, not my ship !!!" I say nothing but call in the drones. Check local, still quiet. He goes: "Not my SHIP you Dick head" and I blow him up. Why the hell did he have to call me a dick head ? I get 2*strips and cargo expander 1. Dock and leave my loot and move on.

Local is flashing again and he is going nuts, he will kill me, he will obliterate me, so on and so forth. I'm apparently a TWAT besides being obviously a dick head. Local guys start telling him o cald the heck down and leave it be and soon they change sides being obviously anoyed.
I warp back to the belt and find him there in a Celestis (the tech 1 gallente ew cruiser). My peanut is gone and he took back all the ore. I get closer and he gets out 3 drones again, this time meds. I use nos, web, scram, blasters, kill his med drones with my hobgoblins and procede to kill him. Than I think I should try and randsom. Convo him, he accepts, I say 'Hi', it's a randsom and he has '30 secs to pay up 2 mil'. He says nothing. I ask again,he doesn;t even say 'hi' back. I blow him up.

It turns out form local chat with other people and him (I never said a word in local after the dick head and twat calling because I didn;t feel it was worth it) that he was so sure he would kill me that he did not insure his celestis and he had no more isk for a mining cruiser, he was back at frigs.

I scored 3.5 mil isk from the barge and cruiser loot. I had a laugh being first time called names in local. Too bad he was so sure I was gonna die.

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The ones that fought back

After looking for new setups for my trusted incursus class frigate I neded with the following desired: 3*ions, 1mn mwd, sram, web, mapc, 200 rolled tungsten plate. Unfortunately this is not possible for the time being so the compromise gods made my setups be this:
3*electrons with antimatter
1mn ab, 7.5km warp scrambler, web
sar, 200 reinforced steel plates

Quite a bit toned down and I am nervous about it but must give it a go. So as a new day begins the incursus class frigate undock from vaere station I call home and belts are being checked top to bottom. "This system is too quiet, again"
After the search is complete it's soon obvious there will not be a fight here so the best action is to move to the nearby alentene system. rinse and repeat but this time luck hits me and in the last belt a retriever is working hard, drones are out, and the can is FULL.
A new jet can apears in the emotyness of space and I think of naming it "My Peanut". Soon after "my peanut" is full of plagyoclase (if the name was memorised correctly). A cargo of 426 units of plag makes me 15k isk. So I figure out that the full can must be very valuable. Unfotunately, after many bumps and warp offs the retriever moves away.
I decide to leave the can in it's place and hope someone will bite. But to no avail.
Than out of boredom I decide to convo the original owner of the miners and try ransom, but as he put it: "I WILL NOT PAY FOR MY ORES!". And I blow up the can.

As time passes , warps after warps, waiting and waiting, no one is willing to fight for the ore and I'm frustrated: "should I move to low sec for good ?! maybe it's the incursus; this area is borring.."

I move to the nearby system of Scolluzer. Belts are in my overview and I start chekcing them fast. Another retriever mining full speed and yet again the can is full. I move quick and all the ores become mine, "my peanut". But as before the retriever moves. I check his name, his info, his corp, a 17 man corporation (if memory doesn't play tricks on me). And I wait again, waiting for boredom to set back in.

A npc corp iteron mark III apraoches "my peanut". Overview shows him flashing red and the pulse fills my ears, eyes focus, modukes are go and soon he has no more shields, blasters are hiting point blank in the armor and I remember releasing the hobgoblin.
Overview shows another ship, a caracal class cruiser aproaching the battle at full speed. I soon realise it is a trap as the owner of the vessel is teh one the ore belonged to just a couple of minutes earlier.
Gatling Afocal Maser I starts firing on my ship from the iteron mark III.
Heavy missile fomr the Caracal hits my armor but it's not as bad as I was imagining. Than two Hornet IIs start orbiting me and I realise it's a fight I will not live through.

Without blinking or hesitation I cycle the repaiere once. Than all power goes to weapons and make sure again the hobgoblin is shooting the iteron. It is going down and I still got armor to spare, but for how long ? Hull is reached and I pound it as hard as I can. Web goes offline as the enemy stoped trying to move. Cap is good for another cycle of the repairer and as the cycle ends the iteron mark III vessel explodes blanking out my screen.

And soon after the hornets start hitting my structure as I desperately try to warpout. Warping is not possible as I am warp scrambled. Insurance pays in.

Nice trap was laid down but the loss of the enemy is greater than mine. They sure got a - standing so I can spot them in local now :-) A GF was said in local and I moved back to station.

Cleared for publication by: Ander

12 Hours, 200+mill

This all took place between Saturday Morning and Saturday Afternoon.

3am eve time, was prowling my hunting grounds as I do, when I got report of a small mining op in a nearby system, the ship types were Myrmidon, Omen, Covetor and *HULK*. Ofc no self-respecting pirate would pass up the chance to ransom a hulk, so I hopped in my trusty myrm and headed out to crash the party.

When I got to the system they were in the same belt as they'd been when I got the report, so I warped in and landed on top of the myr, and 23km or so off the hulk. Ofc the only thing that registered was "hulk" so I MWD'd right at it and got it dual-scrammed, webbed, nossed, and heavy droned. It didn't take long to melt through his shields, and I was about to open up a convo window when he dissapeared from local :-(

So, I killed him, since there's always the t2 strip miners to look forward to, and started to go for the covetor. He warped before I could get in point range, and the omen left at about the same time, so I went to attack the myrm. He was a new player, but despite that he had a very solid setup, nos and a dual rep tank. He took a lot of punishment, and a lot of my cap, but in the end my booster prevailed and he bit the dust. As hoped, I found 2x Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II, worth around 50mill :-)

2007.03.24 02:51

Victim: Marlow Jester
Alliance: None
Corp: R.O.N.E
Destroyed: Hulk
System: ****
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Minith Jin (laid the final blow)
Security: -2.9
Alliance: R0ADKILL
Corp: Ore Mongers
Ship: Myrmidon
Weapon: Ogre I

4am eve time, still prowling, when I get another report from the same system that an '07 player is ratting in an apoc there :/ Again, I hop in the myrm and head over to take a look. I go the belt he was last reported to be in and land 40km away from him. I switch on the MWD and burn towards him but at around 25km he warped off, seemingly towards a gate. I follow and discover he's safed less than an AU away.

So my informant gets his heron and starts to scan probe him, he gets a 0km warp in point and I go in. He was (thankfully) at a safe and not a POS as I feared he might, and after about 10 seconds of dronage, taking him to under 50% shields, he ejects, and warps away in his pod. I warp my myrmidon safe, and eject, I then warped to my mate who was still with the 'poc, boarded the shiny new ship, and lugged it to the nearest station for selling :-)

At this time I logged, since 4am eve time equates to 4am my time, and I was tired :-)

3pm eve time, log back in, read through corp mails etc, and undock. Immidiately a covetor arrives at the statin from the direction of a belt, I decide to try and bump it out of dock range then gank it. All went to plan, another easy, boring gank. Then I find 4x Harvester Mining Drones in the loot, another 80mill or so in the pot :-)

2007.03.24 14:51

Victim: thunder cat
Alliance: NONE
Corp: East to West Galactic Citizens
Destroyed: Covetor
System: ****
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Minith Jin (laid the final blow)
Security: -3.1
Alliance: R0ADKILL
Corp: Ore Mongers
Ship: Myrmidon
Weapon: Ogre I

And who said piracy wasn't profitable? :-)

Cleared for publication by: Ander

Hunters Become the Hunted

Evening like many others. Our gang roams in low-sec space of Aridia getting more & more frustrated with the lack of targets.

During one of our desperate gatecamps in Hier we get a message from one of our scouts in Nema system: 'Three pirate ships from Sun Lin Tong are about to jump into Hier'. Being on Kamih gate, nearly 40au from the Nema gate, we decide to make a quick guess as to where this gang is headed. Since they don't appear on scanner in our vicinity we decide to warp to Sadana gate, only to get information that the gang setup a camp right after arriving in system.

At this point we know their forces (Typhoon, Harbinger, Arbitrator) and they do not know ours, a plan is in order. We decide to send our easily aggroable pirate Mmoroz (below -5 security) as a decoy, so upon arrival at the gate he makes a quick jump into Nema. As we hoped and predicted hostile gang follows after him and that gives Vulor & me a signal to warp to Nema gate. Just as we arrive our 'bait' uncloaks in the next system and starts approaching maneuver hoping to entice hostile gang to attack his Megathron. After a few seconds we hear 'Jump, jump' on the intercom and our remaining Typhoon and Armageddon join a lonely comrade, the battle is on!

Thanks to our trap they have to accept our terms and engage us despite their lesser firepower. Enemy Typhoon is already scrambled so they're aware of its imminent destruction and the very least they could do is take one of us with him. Despite their good efforts & help from Amarr Sentry Guns our experienced gang overcomes Sun Lin Tong's battleship in no time and soon after their Harbinger turns into cosmic wreckage, remaining Arbitrator just vanishes under our fire & drones. Our goal of not loosing a ship in this fight becomes a fact, another flawless victory for Stercus Accidit!!

Khan Soriano
1 of 3 Stercus Accidit Directors

Cleared for publication by: Ander

From Noob to Pirate…. We’re not all seasoned pilots

Sub Title - Aye, that’s me Macro Miner

OK.... on the interest of Honor.... It’s up to you how you see it... I am sure we all have our opinions. However I just seen/bumped/popped to something which I was a little taken aback by.

It’s ongoing, so I won’t give the system name, until I have at least given my drones a run about and warmed my guns :-)

And, let me be honest, my char profile says it all... I have two sides, as a confused pirate, sometimes i am nice, and will ransom you, sometimes I am nice and will let you off... sometimes I just want to add you to my corp killboard to gain some respect from my fellow pirates.

It also be mentioned.... 2.5 months old here... so we still talking empire space (come on, I maybe a pirate but not stupid... or so I thought!)

Cleared for publication by: Ander
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An Update on Minith

I realised today I hadn't composed a controversial tale for E-P since Punisher Pawnage a few months ago. So what follows is an update on my exploits so far.

Following on from the aforementioned pawnage within a punisher, I left 0.0 after a month or so of ratting (in an AF, bear in mind) with 450mill isk and -1.8 sec. So I headed to Essence to join my new Merc corp, "Turbulent Subversion".

On the first day of my acceptance, I found myself in a gang amongst such ships as the Astarte and the Zealot, in my trusty little t2 droned Vexor. However, that day saw us engaging a Dominix, a Raven and a Cyclone war-target. At some point in the procedings I was being shot at by the raven, but I survived in low structure, after he fell to the combined blastery-lasery goodness of the Astarte and the Zealot. However, after that, the war ended, and so did all the gangs. So I found myself new amusement in the unholy act of can-baiting :-)

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After a night of pirating, or more accurately, a night of staring at my the back of my Caracal waiting for something... anything to show up, I decided throw in the towel. I hadn't seen a single player in the last 20 systems that I've been in since I had popped a t2 fitted interceptor three hours ago. I find a nice, secluded system with a few jumpgates, safespot it, and log off.

In the morning, I had remembered that a skill just ended and I needed to start a new one. I log in, and smack my forehead in disgust. I now have 7 other people in the system with me. A quick check of their bios reveal that they're all in the same corporation. Oh crap. And worse yet, they're all Russian. Great. I take a jump of faith and warp to one of the jump gates. Luckily, there was no one there and I jumped through it. I can only hope that the Russians were too busy doing what Russians do, probably drinking vodka and yelling at asteroids or something, to keep an eye on local. Maybe they didn't even see me. Once on the other side, I right click and warp to 0 to a random jumpgate. I don't have time to check the map for pilots killed and what-not so I must just cross my fingers and hope that I don't run into a gate camp. As my Caracal aligns to warp, a Raven and a interceptor materialize from out of jump cloak. I remember their names from the first system, they're definetally Russians. I get to the jumpgate and jump through. And then I jump through a few more. I safespot in and wait contentedly, watching local. There's no way they could've followed me this far. I must've jumped through 5 random jumpgates.

Oh crap. The inty pilot shows up in local. Followed by the Raven. Wonderful. I run. I run like a scared little puppy. I may be a pirate, but I ain't stupid. I am only in a t1 fitted Caracal, but for me that's still a lot of money. I try every trick I can think of to lose them. I warp to a gate, jump through, then on the other side I hit my AB and jump back into the last system. Didn't work. I jump through another gate and wait cloaked for them to come through. I double back a few more times, I warp between jump gates, I go in circles and these Russians are still on my tail.

At last, an idea! So I am up against a battleship and a interceptor. The battleship, if piloted well, will destroy my Caracal in a couple of volleys easy. But what if I jam it!? Oh yes, if I jam the Raven and throw a couple of heavy's at it, I'll surely get his attention, and he surely will tell the inty where I am. The inty will try to tackle me, I hope, and then I can take out the inty with my assault's and heavy's. It's bold, it's daring, and maybe a little stupid, but it might work. If I can keep the Raven jammed for at least 2 cycles, I can even make off with some of the inty's loot. It's certainly a long shot, but if I can kill the inty, it's worth it.

I jump from system to system, looking for these two. I find the raven sitting 10km off of a gate I just jumped through. The inty is not in the system. I lock the raven and try to jam him. I even lob a couple of heavies his way, just to annoy him. Yeehaw!!! My first ECM cycle worked. He's jammed! And right on cue, the inty materializes and locks me. I lock him, web him, and warp jam him (for good measure) and send all my heavies and assaults his way. His shields are going down. The raven is still jammed. Holy guacamole, this is working. 10 seconds later, the next cycle of ECM fails to jam the Raven. Oh noes. Explosions engulf my screen as the Raven's torpedos hit me. It's time for me to leave this party. I have most of the inty's shields gone, I don't want to risk it against the torpedos. I prepare to warp away as I realize there are now 4 more pilots in the system. And they're all Russian. 0.o Before I can say Здравствуйте I am jammed, webbed, NOS'd and scrambled... and finally BBQ'd. I'm gone. The Russians got me. My screen gets stuck with me in my Caracal, but I know it's just because I'm on dialup. I log off a few minutes later. And I realized that I didn't even change my skill.

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A Day Trip Goes Wrong

I've been down in Curse now for a while getting slowly back into the grind. I'll be the first to admit I've been dragging my ass, but piloting had to take a back seat to some other duties. The past two weekends have seen extended and (for me, at least) unproductive trips out hunting for the head of BoB. This past Saturday was more active than those in the past -- I actually laid eyes on some of them -- but I think it's time to spend some money on the Thrasher. She's obviously got some shorts under the hood as I couldn't ever get her to score a hit, much less barely score a lock. Note to self: get that looked at. And avoid blobs ~100.

All that flying about got me thinking, though. There's been few targets down south (a major drawback over the time spent back in Empire), so I thought to take a day trip up a few jumps out of Amamake. Maybe I could score a small fish or two in too deep a pond. As it turned out I was the minnow and 7Q-8Z2 was the pond.

I was probably a solid fifteen jumps into the trip. All was going well and the Merlin was hobbling along quite well despite it's own weight. Passed lots of CAs and some Goons. All was good. Jumping into 7Q, though, found me in the midst of a slew of bubbles. I came in first (tripping the bubble), and an alliance mate came in directly after. I lay in cloak hoping for the best, when he broke and engaged. I don't know what he was flying. I don't even know his name. He was pod-bourne before I even hit my MWD. I was pod-bourne as he was dispatched back to his clone. I followed suit shortly thereafter.

I'm sure those boys were psyched to no end that my t2 rails apparently survived the blast. Drakes and a Heretic? I hadn't an ice cube's chance.

I'm guessing I should just stay closer to home. Or fly more than a Merl.

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I had the best intentions tonight of writing up a tale of exploits peppered with salty language. Instead all I did was spout salty language and end up with a mouth full of pod juice.

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Rifter, I loved you.

My Rifter and I have had many good times, from killing you and your friends to holding you down so my friends can kill you. I’ve taken my Rifter through many fights and sometimes left it behind as I execute a strategic exit in my pod. The ship is one of the best looking Minmatar ships IMO, although that’s not saying much. Sadly, the old girl can no longer keep up with me as my skills and experience grow. I find myself looking at cruisers and destroyers more and more often nowadays…

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Thoughts on tech I.

Well I haven't posted for a long while and I'll tell you why. I have since stepped out of the passenger section of Sniggair and into the cockpit. I’m having a lot of fun so when I think of Eve I play it rather than write. I’ve tried a few times but I never finish my articles so I stuck with it today and drank some scotch. I can’t remember why I thought the alcohol would help… As I probably mentioned in one of my last blogs I made a lot of money mission running before I booked my flight. I tried to save iskies by only flying Rifters but the tech II guns are worth more than the ship itself! If you are thinking "Well why not just fit all tech I doofus!" then I will pod you... umm, more than I normally would because I have a surprise for you:

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Punisher Pawnage

Recently I moved away from empire low-sec belt-piracy and moved into 0.0 with a view of getting in some fleet combat and ratting, for isk and sec-status. So far, it's been very rewarding. I decided to upgrade my ship from a rax to an enyo, and to do so I needed some t2 small hybrids, so I clone jumped to empire and bought some skills, small blaster spec and interceptors among them :-D I then found myself with nothing to do, so I checked my assets and... oh hurray, a punisher O.o

So, with nothing else to do, I hop in my punisher only a few jumps away (fully t1 non-named fitted (except the t2 repper)) and go and hunt rats for a bit. I move into essence and reach a dead end system with two newer players in it. One was a June '06 player the other September. I scanned about and found one of them in a rupture, it was the june player as he hadn't removed his name from the ship. I warp in on him and he warps off to a station (damn 7.5km scram) so I try and tempt him into a 1v1 by the station. Eventually, he agrees an he engages me. I wait and see he is using nos... well, that would be me screwed... so I docked. I didn't feel very proud at that point.

After a short while I decided "what the's only a punisher!" and so undocked and scanned around again. I found him in a belt with a serpentis BC... show time :-)

I warp in and get him scrambled and orbit him, he was already in armor, and my dual light pulse laser Is were doing around 10-15 damage per shot :-( Then he returned fire with heavy missiles, nos and drones. This time I stayed and focused on the drones, hoping the rat would help me out here. He did. The pilot seemed to be confused and kept nossing the rat... meaning I had enough cap to rep and shoot and scram to my hearts content. I popped 2 of his hammerheads then focused on him, now on very low armor, and shot him down the last bar and into his pod, I even got the killmail:

2006.10.25 19:37

Victim: xxxxxxx
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Damnes
Destroyed: Rupture
System: Deven
Security: 0.3

Involved parties:

Name: Serpentis Wing Leader / Serpentis Corporation

Name: Minith Jin (laid the final blow)
Security: -5.6
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Demon Womb
Ship: Punisher
Weapon: Dual Light Pulse Laser I

Destroyed items:

Advanced 'Limos' Heavy Missile Bay I
Advanced 'Limos' Heavy Missile Bay I
Armor Thermic Hardener I
Cap Recharger I
Passive Targeter I
Thunderbolt Heavy Missile, Qty: 186 (Cargo)
Havoc Heavy Missile, Qty: 934 (Cargo)
Asymmetric Energy Succor I (Cargo)
Widowmaker Heavy Missile, Qty: 15

I left the loot since I would have no use for it and my sell orders were already maxed with loots from 0.0. I stayed in local a while (left the pod for sec status reasons)and saw that he'd brought in a friend in an incursus and himself in a typhoon... I decided to leave at the point :-)

A few systems later, I scanned out a september '06 player in another rupture... I thought why the hell not :-D

Warped in at 30km...damn he'll run... but he locked me and started engaging me. No rats this time I noted. So we engaged and I was delighted to discover he had med guns, no web, and no nos, but a pretty good tank. So we circled for around 2mins when he finally went pop. I considered taking his pod as he had a 2mill bounty, but due to lag I couldn't lock it anyway, he was using hybrid guns so he deserved to die :-)

2006.10.25 20:22

Victim: xxxxxxxx
Alliance: Blood Raiders Alliance
Corp: Panzershrek
Destroyed: Rupture
System: Indregulle
Security: 0.2

Involved parties:

Name: Serpentis Chief Watchman / Serpentis Corporation

Name: Minith Jin (laid the final blow)
Security: -5.6
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Demon Womb
Ship: Punisher
Weapon: Dual Light Pulse Laser I

Destroyed items:

Medium Armor Repairer I
10MN Afterburner I
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I
Gyrostabilizer I
Warp Disruptor I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Stasis Webifier I
Gyrostabilizer I
'Malkuth' Heavy Missile Launcher I
'Malkuth' Heavy Missile Launcher I
EMP M, Qty: 946 (Cargo)
Widowmaker Heavy Missile, Qty: 500 (Cargo)
EMP M, Qty: 80
EMP M, Qty: 80

So I left that system into Muetralle, warped to the melmaniel gate, scanned out of habit and found a caracal and an osprey... I run a 5 degree check on the only nearby belt and find the caracal alone :-)

I warp in but he's already warping out to the gate, so I follow him and lock him up to see if he'll engage... he did :-D His heavy missiles were doing around 40 damage per hit, but the wonderful thing about lasers is they do so much em damage, his shields, then armor, then structure were gone in 60 seconds, although I had a huge lag spike from 50% armor onwards, recovering to find him dead and in a pod. I checked his can, in front of the stunned indy ships around the gate, nothing decent again so I jump through.

2006.10.25 20:34

Victim: john 531
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Federal Navy Academy
Destroyed: Caracal
System: Murethand
Security: 0.3

Involved parties:

Name: Minith Jin (laid the final blow)
Security: -5.6
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Demon Womb
Ship: Punisher
Weapon: Dual Light Pulse Laser I

Name: Serpentis Wing Leader / Serpentis Corporation

Destroyed items:

Heavy Missile Launcher I
Thunderbolt Heavy Missile, Qty: 818 (Cargo)
Havoc Heavy Missile, Qty: 728 (Cargo)
Heavy Missile Launcher I
Heavy Missile Launcher I
Heavy Missile Launcher I
Medium Armor Repairer I
Shield Recharger I
Small Energy Transfer Array I, Qty: 2 (Cargo)
200mm Carbide Railgun I (Cargo)
Uranium Charge M, Qty: 100 (Cargo)
Serpentis Ship Log 381038422 (Cargo)
Sensor Booster I (Cargo)
Iron Charge S, Qty: 100 (Cargo)
Acolyte I (Cargo)
50mm Reinforced Steel Plates I, Qty: 2 (Cargo)
1MN Afterburner I (Cargo)
Small Inefficient Armor Repair Unit (Cargo)
Havoc Heavy Missile, Qty: 21
Havoc Heavy Missile, Qty: 21

In the next system I spot a few friends and tell them if my exploits in local, naturally this sparks some interest from some of the cruiser pilots :-) I'm sitting at a planet at 100km when a thorax warps in. I fly to a gate and he follows. His corp is known to blob a bit so we talked in local for a while before I decided to stick around for another 1v1. I thought maybe a rax was a bit too much for my little punisher...

I was right :-( 5 med drones (only t1) a web and small guns all ensured he despatched me in a frightfully short length of time. I insta warped my pod to a safe and congratulated him in local. We shared some more friendly chat then I decided to be on my way. I insta'd to a gate and sat for a while finishing convos, then a sleipnir appeared at the gate, locked me up and insta popped me back to my clone in 0.0 :-(

2006.10.25 20:50

Victim: Minith Jin
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Demon Womb
Destroyed: Punisher
System: Melmaniel
Security: 0.3

Involved parties:

Name: xxxxxxxxx (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.7
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Solarflare Heavy Industries
Ship: Thorax
Weapon: Regulated Ion Phase Cannon I

Destroyed items:

Multifrequency S

2006.10.25 21:04

Victim: Minith Jin
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Demon Womb
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Melmaniel
Security: 0.3

Involved parties:

Name: xxxxxxxxxx (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.7
Alliance: Euphoria Unleashed
Corp: Revelations Inc.
Ship: Sleipnir
Weapon: 425mm AutoCannon II

Saved me a few hours on clone jumping, cost me 2mill for a new clone. Not too bad a tradeoff really... also I found we'd captured an outpost of our enemies which sells cheap t2 stuff, so all in all one of the best and most fun days of eve I've ever played... just wish I'd remembered fraps :'(

I've omitted the names of everyone (except myself) involved, as for some I feel it just wouldn't be fair to name them :-)

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Amazing Fight - The most fun and adrenaline fight ever (for me)

I think all of us who do pvp at times got our fight we wont ever forget, those just amazing fights that make you smile just thinking about it.

I'm going to share this story with anyone who finds stuff like this interesting to read. If you don't like it, please just move on.

Me, Pius Frater and Nazgu'l had a fight maybe an hour before this fight happend. We lost terribly vs a 2004.04 Pirate in a Blasterthron who engaged us at a gate. We thought, what the hell, lets try it.
Due to the lack of EW (imo), we lost the battle. We were Stabber, Thorax and me in Wolf. I believe Thorax popped first, then stabber and lastly me, only a couple of km's left to get out of his scramble range. However, shit happens and I died aswell.

With our heads down, we all went back to wiskeber and surroundings to fit some new ships. Nazgu'l went afk while me and Pius decided to continue. Now he being in the Wolf, and me in the Rupture.

We decided to move up the Katugumur 'pipe' to see if we'd find any rathunters.
Aralgrund & Bogelek was as expected, dead empty. Some guy sitting in station as always so we just ignored him, and went on towards Katugumur.

Katugumur being known to hold a number of mission/complex runners, and also Anti-pirates to protect the runners, we decided that I should head in first in my rupture to scout, since my ship was all T1 and less expensive to loose.

Gate was clear, Pius jumped in. Pius warped to planet 5 to scan that large belt cluster and I went to planet 6 to do the same. On my way towards planet 6 i scanned the cluster, saw a Ferox and 2 Ravens. The ravens I took for granted being in the complex, so I was hoping for the Ferox to be in a belt.

A couple of seconds later after arriving at my planet 6 scan spot, I find the ferox in a belt with a 5 degree scan. Telling Pius to warp in to the belt to start tackling and let me know when he's in range. In the meanwhile I started to align myself, starting up "Imperial march" on winamp and getting ready for the kill.

Being aligned and waiting for that "warp in now", I'm a bit annoyed to hear "No target in belt", oh crap. I pretty much thought that he'd seen me on scanner and warped to SS. But, being optimistic I quickly changed scanner settings to 360 degrees, 150,000,000 range and hit "scan". Ferox still here! Great, started to pin him down to a 5 degree. Few seconds later I saw that he was in another belt!

Getting Pius to warp in and start scramble, me warping in just a second later we start to orbit the ferox who started locking us and sent his drones towards me. He decided to attack Pius with his Heavy missiles. We come through his shields without too much trouble, thinking of how tough they normally can tank.

Pius starts to take some heavy damage, I believe the ferox set his drones on him, the drones who had taken my shields down to about 50% at the time.

Some more volleys of heavy missiles were headed towards Pius, I see how his armor wents "poof" and he's into structure and I can hear his voice saying that he's going down and he's dead. With the recent loss of a gang just an hour earlier, it would feel hard to loose yet another wolf, another 20M or so.

The last volley hits him just as he manage to warp out, with not much structure left at all, from what I can see on his health-bar. He got out safely.

The ferox pilot quickly changes target towards me - first volley takes out the shields on my rupture, and armor down to 70%. It seems I had forgot to turn on my armor hardeners! DOH! Quickly turning them on and starting my med repairer, I also notice that he started to Nos me. One cycle of his Nos and I was drained, unable to repair anything more, and armor hardeners manages to run atleast one more cycle.

At this time, he's at 70%'ish armor, so am I. Another volley hits me and I'm down to 30%, during the time before his next volley, I manage to get him down to about the same 30% armor. Starting to think it's time to get the hell out of there. The other volley hits just as I manage to get another armor rep cycle in and i'm down to 70% structure.

Oh shit I'm screwed.

One more rep cycle, boosts my armor up to maybe 20% armor, but is quickly reduced down to 50% structure when his next volley hits me. His armor is now gone and he's into structure, 50% he aswell. Figuring I must be scrambled, I give up the idea of trying to escape. I'm going to fight untill the last second, and then have Pius warp in and finish him off and we'll still go out as victorius.

Being even at 50% structure, I manage to get enough cap between his NOS cycles to get another armor rep cycle in, before his next volley hits me, taking me down to maybe 10% structure. My guns slowly takes away his structure. I start screaming on ventrilo "die fucker, die!"

Somewhere at this point, I see his ship, and I'm loosing target. Something seems to be exploding. Is it he, or is it me?

A second of sudden silence mixed with lag, and I see his pod and can. OMGWTFPWN! I quickly start approaching his can, still seeing his drones in space around me flashing yellow, just hoping they wont keep attacking me. I don't bother trying to target his pod. He's old enough to get away quickly anyway.

Getting to the can, opening it up and I see small yellow corners on almost everything in the can. Whatever feeling I just had of Victory and joy, it got multiplied by 10.

Quickly cleaning the loot and warping to safe spot, some fast calculation of the value of the loot I now have in my rupture which has around 5% shield, 0% armor and 5-10% structure.

25M, that's great.

But, the damn battle is something I wont ever forget.

I had a look at my HP, 215 on structure. That would be 1 Heavy missile of his to take me out.
Shit, it was close.
Asked Pius about his HP, and it was 200.
Shit, close again!

A couple of minutes later, I have a look at my guns. My 4 tech 1 220mm Vulcans has 2 bullets left in each gun. Oh my, that was bloody real close. a little bit more than two more seconds, and I'd be a sitting duck, he being at a couple of HP on structure, but a killmail richer.

From the log:

Started fight at 19:33:27 - Ended fight at 19:36:03
Acted for 02 min 36 sec

Skybar stats:

Damage Dealt:
Best hit: 168.3 (prob structure hit)
Average dps: 80.55
Total: 12565

Damage received :
From Decon Krueger (Ferox)[ : 4876.5
Total : 4876.5

Damage dealed for each weapon :
With 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I : 10234.3 (65.6 dmg/sec)
With Thunderbolt Heavy Missile : 2331.4 (14.94 dmg/sec)
Total : 12565.7 (80.55 dmg/sec)

Accuracy for each weapon :
With 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I : 286 / 311 (91.0%)
With Thunderbolt Heavy Missile : 24 / 24 (100.0%)
Total : 310 / 335 (92.0%)

Decon Krueger

Damage dealed for each ennemies:
Best hit : 245.0
To Skybar : 4876.5 (31.26 dmg/sec)
Total : 4876.5 (31.26 dmg/sec)

Damage received :
From Skybar : 12565.7
Total : 12565.7

Damage dealed for each weapon : .
With Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile : 613.8 (3.93 dmg/sec) .
With Havoc Fury Heavy Missile : 1136.8 (7.29 dmg/sec)
With Widowmaker Fury Heavy Missile : 1694.7 (10.86 dmg/sec) .
With Warrior I : 1431.2 (9.17 dmg/sec)
Total : 4876.5 (31.26 dmg/sec)

Accuracy on ennemies : .
On Skybar : 201 / 207 (97.0%)
Total : 201 / 207 (97.0%)

Accuracy for each weapon :
With Thunderbolt Fury Heavy Missile : 4 / 4 (100.0%) .
With Havoc Fury Heavy Missile : 9 / 9 (100.0%)
With Widowmaker Fury Heavy Missile : 10 / 10 (100.0%)
With Warrior I : 178 / 184 (96.0%) Total : 201 / 207 (97.0%)

Fitted Items:
Medium Nosferatu I 1
Large Shield Extender II 1
Quantum Co-Processor I 1
Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I 1
Mark I Generator Refitting: Reaction Control 1
Viscoelastic EM Ward Salubrity I 1
Widowmaker Fury Heavy Missile 50
Heavy Missile Launcher II 3
Muon Coil Bolt Array I 2

Widowmaker Fury Heavy Missile 94

Total value of his entire fitting would go beyond 50M, and with the ship around 25M, considering possible low-sec prices.

Some thoughts on this matter, is that he had atleast 2 more corp members in the system at the end of the fight. I would guess they were there the whole time, but who knows, perhaps afk. Too bad for him, and also a reminder of the importance of communication, and ability to contact corp members quickly.

Good fight.

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Ice fishing in high sec - the one that got away

It was a fine evening for ice fishing. I had found plenty of phish (pharmers) feeding on an ice belt in a 0.8 system, however the catch was poor as the phish seemed to become rather well adapted to dealing with standard tactics. They wouldn't nibble on bait-n-switch, in fact they stopped using haulers altogether and began to make the tedious trips back and forth from belt to station each time their cargo holds filled up.

Then I spied a jetcan and when I checked, sure enough it contained quite a few pieces. Unfortunately it was owned by the pilot of a Ferox. Seeing as I had only a Thrasher and a hauler in system, it seemed I was in for an unprofitable night. Now my hauler alt is on a second account, so I can and do run both my main and alt at the same time, my alt also flies a Exequror remote repair support ship. Now I figured my Thrasher with Exequror support could deal with a barge using t2 drones, or maybe even a Vexor protecting an ice mining op, still a Thrasher versus Ferox seemed to be a bit too lopsided.

But if I was playing it safe, I'd still be hanging out with care-bears or have found another hobby due to complete boredom. So I sent my alt off to grab the Exequror. When he returned I set him to orbit my Thrasher at 15km and all ready to play combat mechanic. Back to the Thrasher, I jettisoned some garbage and transfered the ice from the Ferox pilot's can to my own. He replied by warp scrambling me and the fight was on.

Between the t2 drones, heavy missiles, multiple medium nos, and warp scrambler it looked grim for my little destroyer. My 1500 or so hp of shields evaporated way too fast, and I frantically began remote repping as quickly as I could. Now, high security pvp is as much a game of managing aggression rights as it is ship to ship combat so knowing (I thought) the ends and outs of the system, I expected my Exequror to get flagged - it didn't! Apparently my Exequror could remote repair and eccm boost my Thrasher all day without the Ferox being able to do a thing about it.

Had I known, I'd have gotten more out of the fight than a left behind pair of t2 drones. It seems a Thrasher with a cruiser caliber armor tank (even if most of it is on another ship) is a bit more of a chunk than a Ferox can bite off easily. My armor never went below 50% and I had him well into structure before the Exequror had to start cap boosting. If only I had known that the Exequror was immune to non-suicidal attack, a well timed bump or two would've kept the Ferox from warping out with about 25% structure remaining.

But then, I'd have had to find another title - this is about the one that got away.

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