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Spring author competition - Tyrannis edition

Announcing this springs author competition in celebration of the new upcoming free expansion named "Tyrannis" to EVE Online!
Any submissions submitted and published from 23rd of April until the release of Tyrannis (or until a minimum of 10 submissions have been entered) will be entered into the competition.

A number of criterias will be weighted in to the ranking (winner), such criterias are the amount of reads, comments and quality of the submission. EVE-Pirate staff reserves the right to make the final decision and judge the competition entries.
To make it fare - the period we will look at will be 14 days from the day of the publishing of the entry.

Awards will range from isk prizes (supplied by myself) to CCP sponsored prizes.
So grab your pens and start writing about your experiences in EVE!
(More information to be added shortly!)

Posting more stories in the upcoming days.
5 scheduled to be posted!

Also - waiting for CCP to give some information regarding the prize update.

For the lolz

Well, with my corp ISLE operating out of wormhole-space at the moment, I get to see a different lowsec/NoSec every day. not only differing by name or region but by population and how agressive the peeps in there are. With wormholes not behaving like you want them to (like closing right behind you while you were thinking, there's an hour left), I got locked out in AAA-0.0 and used the 25 jumps to high-sec to gain some SecStatus back. I managed 20 jumps and ended -literaly- 3 jumps out of highsec.
Fine with me due to having my stuff mostly near syndicate-the other edge of the universe. One POD-express later, I sat in my brand new Harbinger roaming away.
After getting defeated by an Sacrilege (honestly, those tanks are awesome oO), I decided to change the fitting of my Faction-Warfare-Harb (mostly meeting T2-frigs and getting bonus to ALL lasers).

2 Neuts later I got out again, searching for targets. On to Old Man Star and sourrounding systems. In Jovainnon I jumped right on top of an Ishkur which just warped out when I left warp. I decided to bait a bit due to most AF's counting on getting under my tracking and so an Ares warped in. MWD'ing @ 22km and disrupting me, neighter he nor me (small T2 with Scorch are ~14 KM) actually dealing damage, I decided to just try to break the (on an Ares highly bonused 30km) the Point. Didn't work, though. :-(
After 5 Minutes I called for help in Corp chat. Everyone at least 12 jumps out. While waiting, local filled up with 2 more corp-members of the Ares pilot. A little while later, the first one to kill me came in. A Thorax.

2 Dual-Neut cycles and some volleys later he got 2% armor off my Harb and gave us -the Ares and me- some nice explosion to watch. Commenting the fail in local, he announced his corpie in a Brutix.

[19:49:45] Kacer Xenro > Jintra, if you manage to kill edge, im gonna slap him

Well, 4 Dual-Neut cycles later the Brutix popped too. My Corpmate meanwhile arrives in his Falcon just started to scrambling him when he reached 50% structure (he didn't shoot since 80% armor, though).
I kindly asked to let the point drop and got support from the Rax-pilot in Local, while my corpmate complaints about having jumped out there for nothing.

[19:50:40] Kacer Xenro > just let him go and make this failspree stop qQ
[19:51:43] Kippis > i thought i could help but i wasnt even remotely useful :-(

Well, an other Corpmate arrived and after Kacer got his Velator offered a rematch but forgot his CCD and got popped by the Station-Sentrys.
After a good laugh, they actually decided to show up in Numbers and gave us a fucking good fight. Props to those gentleman. Even though we cheated a bit with the Falcon, I managed to survive in 35% structure.

After looting I got too greedy and got finally popped by a Drake jumping right on top of me.
Well deserved for being a retard and not warping out earlier, I guess.

All in all this was fun -both the "omg, they're failing till next tuesday" and the "finally a fight" part-.
I'm curious about the next hole and where it leads.
So long, Jin. summer makeover has been a bit slow for a while Not only the amount of updates but also the server speed.
First of all, the reason for the slow updates has been my real life schedule and my involvement in a new EVE project has taken lots of my time.

It's possible that EVE-Pirate one day will be incorporated in this project as a sister site, if it succeeds.
To remedy the speed issues of the site I'll be working on migrating the site over to a new server.

Meanwhile, EVE-Pirate may be in a transition state while changing.

Then, and now.

Aldali, 0.4 - a long time ago.

The little Incursus nestled amongst the looming asteroids, it's pilot tense with trepidation. This was a proud day for Reikso Feesh, novice capsuleer and recently promoted CEO of a small industrial and salvage corp. The ship she was currently interfaced with had been entirely built by her budding corporation - every module lovingly crafted, guns carefully maintenenced, the finest materials refined from the highest grade asteroids - it was a thing of beauty, to be sure. The rack of three Light Neutron Blasters was filled with ammunuition supplied by her business contacts who had links to the Federation Navy - so even out here in Amarr space, where the Kernite span in belts scattered across the high security regions of space, Reikso could get her hands on the finest Gallente military munitions; truly, she was a force to be reckoned with!

Or so she believed.

Local transmissions had been few and far between - nothing but frightened industrialists fleeing between gates, seeking the fastest routes between trade hubs. Not even the ever-present belt-pirates had made an appearance today, the over-eager pilots usually so willing to hurl their barely-equipped ships at every target in overview were suspiciously absent. It was quiet.

And then, she appeared. A face in local, a quick background check revealing a less-than-savory character. The name, obviously an alibi. The details - negative security standing. Outstanding bounty. Wanted for questioning. While this information was processing, the overview lit up yellow - she had arrived. 20k out, and with a sudden adrenaline surge, Reikso's trembling mind attempted to activate weapons systems, propulsion systems, disruptors, damage controls, drones - wait, targeting might help, aquire the lock, set the orbit, dammit, set the orbit...

The overview flashed red.

As the first barrage of shots from the Moa crashed into her shields, Reikso became aware of several things. Time slowed, and all of a sudden the asteroids that had seemed so sheltering suddenly became a claustrophobic nightmare. With no room to maneuver, the Incursus bore the brunt of repeated volleys of hybrid power head on, dissolving her pitiful defences. The tiny Hobgoblin drone she so desperately tried to release never made it out of the drone bay, as her ship accelerated straight towards the waiting demon, and-

Pod fluids boiled. What had she been doing in Aldali?

Aldali, 0.4 - present day.

The graceful Myrmidon swam through the glittering field of stars, it's pilot watchful, at ease. A cluster of asteroids lay some 70 clicks below, the hard lumps of rock interspersed with the more valuable jewel-like crystal formations - a miner's happy dream. A group of drones were returning from a successful sortie with a Battleship sized belt-pirate - in recent times, the local rats were getting bigger and bigger - a fact both worrisome, yet profitable for those prepared. Reikso's Battlecruiser was a wonder of modern technology - manufactured by her own corporation, and fitted with the finest high-grade advanced tech available on the market - her rack of advanced Heavy Ion Blasters filled with deadly faction ammo, her armor bolstered by layer after layer of active hardeners. Truly, she was a force to be reckoned with!

And she was right.

Local was quiet - barely a blip, save for the occasional courier running between gates on one errand or another. Several waves of bold belt-pirates had come and died, their deadly but mechanically-minded pilots unable to discern fair game from certain death. And still the Myrmidon wandered this way and that, direction often changing, motion never ceasing.

And then, she appeared. A face in local. If there was the slightest twinge of recognition in Reikso's mind, she didn't feel it. A quick background check - false name, bad sec status, medium bounty. As soon as the details had registered, the overview lit up yellow - she had arrived.

70k out, nestled amongst the asteroids, the Drake turned to face the Myrmidon. A transmission came through local:

"Care for a rematch?"

"Have we fought before?" came Reikso's reply.

"I believe so."

"Was it in Ami?"

"No, Aldali."

Then the time for talk was over. Like some avenging angel, the Myrmidon descended from on high. Like a creature from hell, the Drake erupted from the asteroids - glorious battle would join! The distance closed rapidly. Microwarpdrive screaming, Reikso's mind raced to remember. Who was this pilot? When had they fought before? A flash of memory - a tiny ship, an ugly cruiser, a brief, fiery death...

The overview flashed red.

The first volley of heavy assault missiles crashed into Reikso's shields. At that moment, she unleashed a flight of drones - 2 Ogres, 2 Hammerheads, and a little Hobgoblin, back for revenge! Setting orbit as close as possible to the flat, mean-looking Drake, Reikso set all her little helpers onto it, and activated her group of advanced Heavy Ion Blasters - a mighty volley smashed into the solid block of energy surrounding her enemy. As the last of her perfunctory shields were vanishing, Reikso activated the bank of hardeners and the two medium repairers - the little damage control that had been ticking over until now continued it's cycles - it's time was yet to come.

Pinwheeling through space, the two combatants raked each other with wave after wave of horrific damage. The massive shield buffer of the Drake seemed to disappear only millimeter by millimeter, while the continuous barrage of navy heavy assault missiles kept Reikso's armor repairers straining to handle the incoming damage. Rippling waves of nanobots flowed over the surface of the Myrmidon, trying desperately to fill the widening gaps, whilst Reikso continuously pumped round after round of enormous cap charges into her booster to keep the whole show running.

The Drake was down 3/4 of it's shield, when suddenly, Reikso lost her lock - the enemy battlecruiser was still in range, but her guns had shut off! Was it an ECM burst? Quickly reaquiring the lock, Reikso was thankful her drones were still plugging away - so far, the Drake had ignored them and focused solely on blasting her ship. As soon as her guns reactivated though, they stopped doing any damage - looking quickly to her object targeter, Reikso saw the Drake afterburning away from her short blaster range. Pulsing the Microwarpdrive, and using precious capacitor energy, Reikso moved her battlecruiser back into range, only to lose lock again! What was happening?! And then she saw - light ECM drones! They weren't showing up in her
overview, but they had been circling her the whole time! They were barely effective though, and the lock was soon reaquired.

Unfortunately, these delays had meant the Drake had caught up to Reikso damage-wise - her shields were almost gone, but Reikso's Myrmidon was starting to take structure damage. The powerful repairers were keeping her barely in armor, but it was now the little damage control's time to shine! As the Drake's shield finally broke, the race to the kill was on in earnest. The afterburning Drake once again tried to move out of range, but this time, Reikso was ready - another quick burst of Microwarpdrive brought the enemy ship back into range for a final set of volleys, as the last of her cap charges was pumped into the booster. The drake's armor gone, and structure fading, the two ships were neck-and-neck. The damage control cycled on, it's incredible bonus to structure resistance was the only thing keeping Reikso in the race. A short transmission appeared in local: "It's going to be a close one..."

And then. The brief moment where the lock disappears. The guns shut down due to a lack of determinable target. And space lights up with the explosion of a mighty battlecruiser - the Drake was no more.

Pod fluids bubbled in almost tangible triumph and relief. Both pilots offered 'gf' as the little pod sped into warp. Scooping up the loot, Reikso though, 'THIS is why I came to Aldali.'

This is my first contribution to Eve-Pirate, i'm a big fan of the site, and I hope you enjoy this account of a satisfying victory over an old foe of mine

- many thanks for a fantastic fight! :-)

Titan kill in h-adoc 4th jan 2009

While I cant take credit for either the kill or this video I'd still like to share it with you.
It was the first titan I actually made it on the "killmail" although I've been there to take down other titans before.

Titan kill video from H-ADOC 4th Jan 2009

Its been a very long time since I personally told anything of my own "part takings", but I think I can allow myself this once.

Edit: comments now allowed

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screen shots

Peace on Earth...

…Good will toward Man. That’s the single-most oft-repeated theme in all Aura’s pulled up regarding the ancient tradition called “Christmas.” Based on the holofiles she’s retrieved, Christmas looks like it was a time of year when everyone could (more or less) set aside their differences. They would draw closer to the ones they loved and forget about their conflicts for a week or so, celebrating their lives together. They would exchange gifts with one another and exalt more in the giving than in the receiving. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it!

¶ Peace on Earth, good will toward Man. A novel concept, to be sure. It’s too bad that Earth is galaxies beyond our reach, now, and that the EVE Gate is closed forever. Because here in New Eden, the calendar month of December is no different from any other calendar month.
¶ There is no peace. There is no good will, especially not toward Man. The Amarr still take their slaves. The Matari still commit their acts of savage retribution. The Caldari still subjugate. The Gallente… well… I don’t really know WHAT the Gallente do, but I’m sure it’s violent and it has to do with drones. Anyway, the specifics aren’t important. The fact remains that good will toward Man is the last thing on anybody’s mind.
¶ Now, seeing as I knew I wasn’t going to get one of these ‘Christmas Presents’ Aura’s holofiles spoke of, I set out the other night to salvage the wrecks left in my corpmate Niques Leutre’s wake. It was going to be a long flight from Molden Heath to Lonetrek in my Thrasher, lovingly christened “LoLArtys” but fitted with only salvagers and tractor beams this night, but for the money that stood to be made it was worth it. I had no idea just how much money I was about to make!

Maybe I DO get a present!

¶ I was in The Citadel on the eighteenth or ninteenth jump of my twenty-nine jump journey when, as I scanned the overview for the next stargate in my route, I saw two smoldering wrecks just a few kilometers to port. Closer inspection revealed that one was an Iteron V and the other a Harbinger-class battlecruiser. This looked interesting! Yet closer inspection revealed that the Itty wreck had an unknown amount of cargo still safely tucked away inside of what remained of her cargohold. Knowing that I wouldn’t have much time, I told Aura to take us to within fifteen hundred meters of the broken Iteron V while I kept an eye out for pilots from the wreck’s parent corporation. When I was close enough to open the cargohold, though, I couldn’t have cared less who was there.
¶ The first thing I saw, neatly stacked in a transparent aluminum crate, was one thousand alloyed tritanium bars. A thousand of them. I nearly swooned in my capsule, but Aura’s continual alerts of unidentified vessels arriving on the scene kept me moving. Knowing that my Thrasher only had four hundred cubic meters of carrying capacity, I scanned through the wreckage and grabbed the most expensive things I could find. The trit bars, a half-dozen Tech-2 1400mm guns, a Domination 10MN Afterburner and some other salvage. With my hold nearly full, I warped to the next gate, jumped, and warped to the next gate after that. I ran two systems and docked to wait out the 15-minute countdown and catch my breath.

…Seemed like a good idea at the time.

¶ Just then, the interstellar comm lit up and Aura identified the pilot wishing to speak to me. This wasn’t the same guy as the one who used to own an Iteron V, so I looked him up - sure enough, not even in the same corporation. I accepted the convo, and it turns out that this capsuleer had actually been the former owner of the Harbinger whose wreck I also saw at that stargate. Without going in-depth about it with Aura’s word-for-word transcript of the conversation, suffice it to say that this guy had suicide ganked the hauler and had the misfortune of having his buddy’s own cargo ship warp in at over thirty klicks away. Tough luck.
¶ Now, I knew that about the only thing of any value that I’d left on that Itty wreck was forty-three units of Morphite and a handful of T2 frequency crystals. And here’s this guy, a pirate like myself, who had just sacrificed an easy sixty million ISK worth of fitted battlecruiser, a thirty mil loss if he was smart and bought Platinum insurance. And all he was going to gain was ten million ISK or so from the dregs of cargo I left behind.
¶ And here’s me, having just read some ancient cultural history about the origins of my people. This guy didn’t mention ‘Christmas’ one time during the entire conversation. Probably never heard of it… more than likely never will. But I’ve heard of it.
¶ I sold everything that could be sold directly to a buy order and pulled in over 350M. In keeping with this “Christmas Spirit” that was referred to in the tales, I gave the suicidal pirate 100M for his troubles. The rest went toward putting together a shiny new Hurricane-class battlecruiser for myself and I am currently looking at the viability of a medium control tower for my corporation to use as an office down in our alliance’s sovereign space.

Merry Christmas, everyone. May the new year be profitable for us all.

-Havo out.

[Fanfestblogging-08] 9/11 - Last day on Iceland , it's been a blast!

Alright, first of all I'd like to apologize by not having updated the blogging as often as I should have during this week.
I've been having a load of fun and today is my final day on Iceland (aka hangover day).

I'll be trying to fill out the blanks during this week when I've cleaned up the photos and videos. Edited out the stuff that probably shouldn't go online (drunk devs and gms and even more drunk players). I'm not going to be uploading that many presentations since most of these have been covered by eve-tv. What I will be uploading are the things happening behind the scenes.

I can just say that I would recommend that all of you who get the chance to take a few days off, go to the fanfest next year!

All three fanfest days have been fun.
Participated in cough mining tournament and failed miserably (lost in our first round in a ragtag mix team). I dont know how to mine gawd dammit!
Seen a lot of presentations on fancy shiney new things that CCP are working on. (walking in stations, yes I have some videos from THAT presentation).
Lots of partying and making friends with those who you would be shooting at in-game (Hello BoB guys, ex-UNAT and CCP devs!).
Getting some goodies and collectables from CCP. Oh yes, there wasn't just men attending. There were actually some eve girl players (they do exist!). If you didnt get enough of those you could just party with the icelandic girls too :-)

But as you might've guessed, the fanfest is more of a party (with lots of drinking involved) gathering than informational meeting. Truly a great convention!
I would suggest that if you go here alone, make sure you get to know people. You will have a great time with your new friends :-)

Now, for my final day we'll actually be doing a bit of the more tourist kind of stuff. Taking a car trip around iceland and seeing the tourist attractions (golden circle, look it up).

When Im back in sweden Ill start the mind-numbing work of cleaning videos and updating a more into depth report of what went down in Iceland
I would love to finish by saying that due to the currency price drop, partying at the top of the world has never been cheaper and more fun. :-)

[Fanfestblogging-08] 4/11 - little sober, little less sober but mostly sober

Woke up around noon. The bed was one of the best I've slept in on any hotel. Who would've known that the budget room would have a bed that was more comfortable than the expensive luxury rooms at other hotels I've been to?

Beastoria (corpmate from Sniggerdly) picked me up to show me around town. We saw a lot of places before we ended up at a shopping mall (hey I'm a tourist dammit!) to get some food and souvernires. I also managed to pickup a 500GB portable disk for all the video material I'm shooting. Most of the clips are pretty crap but Im going to go by quantity to get at least some interesting shots :-)
Beastoria is a nice bloke to hang out with and I got to see Reykjavik from both a tourists perspective and a citizens.

It's a very laid back town, and lo and behold. Rush hour in Reykjavik is usually not as bad as in Stockholm. The traffic is very light compared to most capital cities in Europe.
Anyway - after the trip around town we headed to Beastorias place.
It's still just tuesday so there wasnt too much to do and it was way too rainy to go out hiking somewhere. So we used this good excuse to just hang out and do other stuff :-). Played some guitarr hero and fallout 3. Plus I also got to borrow his internet connectivity which isnt as capped as the one by the hotel. I could finally download my video editing software and get things done. So while Im writing this blog update Im also compiling some of the video captures from my trip from Sweden to Iceland (very condensed form).

A few hours later Masta Killa (another corpmate of mine) got of work. We picked him up at his place and set off to Nordica hotel where we had heard other Eve players had gathered.
While Beastoria had the unfortunate fate to be assigned driver of the evening me and Masta opened a few bottles of beer. Once at the hotel we went inside and spotted a few laid back types sitting in the sofas by a warm fire.
We suspected they were BOB members (just kidding, none of us were men enough to confirm if they were really EVE players) so we grabbed a few guiness at the bar and went to a table of our own and chatted for a while.
A bit later we went back to the car and drove downtown to the official fanfest bar.

At arrival we spotted both CCP employees and players. Some notable people like EVETV's StevieSG (certainly a person who would have a hangover the next day). We chatted for a few hours and then called it a day.
Remember folks, it's still only tuesday and we're warming up slowly :-) even for icelandic people it's not that common to get hammered (drunk) as early as a tuesday.

[Fanfestblogging-08] 3/11 - Arrived at Iceland

I landed around 15.40 icelandic time at Keflavik airport where my alliancemates Ohne and Beastoria picked me up. Thanks guys!
No flybus for me :-)

Got a quick tour around town before I headed for the hotel (Im staying at Hotel Cabin btw - nearest hotel to the fanfest event).
I'm downloading some video editing tools so I should be able to edit the video photage that Im taking. Hopefully this post will be updated tonight with the video photage.
Sadly I only have access to the hotel wireless here. It's only 1mbit up and down and the access isn't free (2000ISK/24hours - roughly 11EUR/24hours). I guess that's the downside to staying at a hotel which rooms are nice and cheap. Everything else will cost money :-)

The general feel that I've gotten so far is that that all colors in the landscape go from black to brown.
It's very rocky outside the city and not a tree to be seen anywhere.
Only place where there are trees is inside the city.

More updates to come! I'll be going to meet with some Pandemic Legion buddies in a few minutes.

Fun things heard on an alt ;)

Some carebear/noobs talking of the golem would be the greatest battleship for fleet battles ;-)

I quote:

Lord Indomitus > + AB + target painter or something else instead of the painter. + big cargo bay + salvaging on the move... all these scream one thing... and this thing is not missions

On other hand, Ill be publishing a whole lot of stories this october. More activity on EVE-Pirate is on the agenda for this month!


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screen shots

Solo Gate Sniping in a Megathron

So I was getting ranged repeatedly in my Faction War Blasterthron to the point where I had to drop agro and jump through the gate into high sec.

I needed something to take out these numerous Outbreak Vagabonds, Rifters, Jaguars, Blackbirds etc.

I decided that there were no appropriate loadouts for a nice sniper mega in Battleclinic so I decided to make my own fit for purpose one.

I wanted to have 220km targeting range and optimal range as well as good tracking... I also wanted 40k or so armour to drop agro should I get jumped by spidertanked battleships (which happens a lot when you are in the Amarr Militia in Kamela, Kourmonen or Huola).

So I set my mega up, achieved my three setup objectives and set out to Kamela. Sitting on the Tuomuta gate in Kamela it wasn't long before a lone rifter turned up and sat in "safety" 185km away from me. Thinking he was safe he dropped his Transversal speed down to 75 and began a slow orbit... I opened up with my 7 425mm Rail IIs and within one volley he was jumping in to his pod and running away...

Suddenly a Vagabond turns up and I call one of my support rifters in to tackle and web him... surely enough my trusty colleague activates his Warp Disruptor II and X5 Web and reduces the vage to a mere crawl! I again open up on him with all 7 Railguns and within seconds he has no shields... 30 seconds later he is in his pod running off.

I then decide to venture into Kourmonen as Kamela local just spiked to 30+ War Targets... As they jump to me I am already jumping towards them! I guess we cross mid warp and I jump straight through the Kourmonen gate upon arrival... 50+ WTs in Kourmonen and a Crow and Rifter on the gate! I de-cloak and start locking both the crow and the rifter... the crow is clearly alert and warps off but the Rifter must have been AFK... I have no morals so I open up and polish him off in mere seconds. I don't want to hang around so i don't lock his pod and I align to Huola and enter warp... O n the Huola gate there is a Mega... we stand off, neither making the first move to get agro (him not knowing I already have agro)...My agro wears off and I jump in to Huola having already planned my escape route straight to the Otelen gate. I arrive in Otelen and warp to the Kuomi gate and immediately warp back to my snipe spot 150km from the Huola gate...

Waiting for the Megathron to pop through into Otelen I realise that he isn't that stupid... suddenly out of no where an enemy drake warps 45km infront of me (he must have warped to 100km on the Otelen Gate to give himself time to run... wierd)... I open up on him and he reciprocates... (again... why? I have no warp distruptor so he could have run)... Within 1 minute there is nothing left but some loot 75km away... Some local Amarr Militia noobs swoop in and loot my stash, but I care little.

I turn and align to Kuomi and warp through to dock up at Ishukone station for the night... A successful first outing for my brand new Sniperthron.

Cleared for publication by: Ander

The curious drake

Since i have nothing better to do i will tell my humourous tale of the curious drake pilot.

We all know the drake, that ugly little caldari boat with the overpowered tank and all the dps of a spork (if you dont know what a spork is your totally missing out). These beasts (and by beast i mean some kinda rodent, possibly a capebara) are often seen in the hands of unfortunate carebears content in the knowlege that it takes an insane amount of dps to kill thier l33t t2 fitted missioning boats. Normally i refuse to engage these things under sentrys as

a) they are usually bait for some mega blob of carebearish anti pirates in their pwmobile laser ravens

b) I usually run out of cap boosters in my sacrilege before killing them (my sacs lasers suck up soo much cap, pehaps i should use blasters)

Cleared for publication by: Ander

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