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A Perfect Place For Execution

A Perfect Place For Execution

Mass Grave in Amamake
Snigg The Comic Strip:

If you like my comic strips and want me to be more productive send me some isk. On the other hand, you can also pay me to be less productive.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Yes this is the same gankfest I wrote about.


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Speed Devil on :

i like it but it needs a bit more smack to make it more realistic :p

hazurr on :

you already took my BC :-(

Vance Avalon on :

Hey Speed didn't smack talk me much when I goaded you into attacking me at that gate then held you there while the sentry guns destroyed you.

I frapped the whole thing too...I watch it when I want a good laugh.

(How is that for smack-talk Speed Devil?)

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