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The path of War

Our corporation had declared war on our target merely two days prior and so far, our kill count and reputation had gone through the roof. Already with seven prior kills to our name, one being a Caracal, we had put the fear of God into our enemy. Now, every time we entered a target system, our victims fled to the safety of the nearest station and either logged off or waited until the 2 or 3 members of their corporation who had battleships were able to jump in system. We could only wonder as to why they continued to refuse our ransom. Cleared for publication by: Ander Rest of story moved to extended body by request.
Since we conducted our war using guerrilla tactics in light frigates, we knew we didn't have the damage output to eat through the battleships ships tank before their drones turned us into expanding clouds of atmosphere. All of these factors combined to make the tactical situation very difficult for us. While we could track down individuals or even groups of people in the corporation and cause them monetary loss by preventing them from their isk farming operations, we weren't getting anymore kills. Eventually we decided to make use of some spies to go find our targets before we jumped into system and therefore increase the likelihood of getting a kill. On our very first outing with our new spy, we traced a seasoned member of our target corporation down to the A###### system in H####### region. Our spy went to work, with its pitiful basic miners and the basic ship it had received from its school of choice. It warped from one belt to the other until finally it found our target happily mining away in the very last belt of the system. So as not to incur suspicion, we had our spy move to just within scramble range of the target and fire up its miners. While waiting for the cycle to finish, our spy dutifully created a bookmark of the location. Once the miners stopped, she warped back to the stargate which led back to the system we were hiding in. Once we received the bookmark, my fellow corp mate and merc in training, Khairiya, decided to take him out. I fired up the warp drive of my Slasher and warped to our target gate. Khairiya's Rifter came out of warp right behind me and we held our position until our spy confirmed the target was still in position. Once we got the go ahead, we activated the gate. Once in system I immediately tied in with Khairiya's navigational computer and ordered both of our ships to warp to our target. Halfway through warp, our spy reported that our target, mining in a Probe of all things, had warped out. We figured that we had just lost our chance for a kill and I mentally sighed thinking of how slow this war was going to be. Once we came out of warp, I noticed the container that our target had been mining into was 45 minutes old. Since containers of that type rarely last longer than an hour, I ordered Khairiya to maintain position and comm silence. Our wait stretched into a minute and then two. I started thinking that our target had seen us and was already sitting in station having a beer while waiting for us to leave. Just as I was about to order a warp back to the gate, the emblazoned red square of a ship at war with us warped to the belt. Without even thinking, I kicked in my afterburner and heated up my warp scrambler, knowing that the pilots reaction to his mistake and our fortune rested on locking him down before he could turn around and warp back to the station. I watched the distance indicator scroll down through the numbers, 15km, then 10, then finally down to scramble range. As soon as my targeting computer acquired lock, it began transmitting and I knew we had our mark. I panned my view around and noticed with a sense of pride that my training had paid off. Khairiya had been even further behind me but she had reacted faster than I did and was already headed in the direction of our target before he was even out of warp. As we entered our 2,000 meter orbit, I checked our target and realized with a bit of surprise that he was in a Scythe. The pointy, rusty looking industrial cruiser usually favored by Minmitar pilots. Both of my 200mm guns began spitting out their deadly stream of Barrage ammo and my sole rocket launcher pumped out round after round of Gremlin rocket. Khairiya added her three 150mm autocannons to the carnage and the Scythes shields flared white with agony and were gone. As our target recovered from his shock he finally took action and my Slasher heaved as a Flameburst light missile exploded against my shields. They kept coming in at me, one right after the other. My shields failed and I began to take damage to my armor. However, I decided to finish the fight. I knew we would win even if my ship would take a pounding during the process. As my armor reached 50% strength, my bullets began scoring hits on the vulnerable structure of our target. Within a few seconds, the combined firepower of our two frigates broke the back of the Scythe and it blew into a million pieces as its reactor core tasted space. Victim: T######## Alliance: None Corp: M####### ######## ##### Destroyed: Scythe System: A########### Security: 1.0 Involved parties: Name: MacGuiness Security: -0.5 Alliance: None Corp: Stane's Raiders Ship: Slasher Weapon: 200mm AutoCannon II Name Khairiya (laid the final blow) Security: -0.5 Alliance: None Corp: Stane's Raiders Ship: Rifter Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon I Destroyed items: 'Malkuth' Standard Missile Launcher I, Qty: 2 Expanded Cargohold I, Qty: 2 Acolyte I (Drone Bay)


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Firkragg on :

holy wall of text batman

freaky on :

Pararaphs are your friend. You might not get a lot of readers with a wall of text like that.

I didn't even bother to read it for that very reason.

Redo it with paragraphs.

B on :

Three things this post needs:



And whatever happened to "extended body"?

Ander on :

He had stars in the text which breaks the parsing.
That's why it turned to wall of text when I disabled some markup functions.

B on :

Out of curiosity, how much was the ransom?
You must have had a hard time deciding on an amount, since the corp seems to be made of people barely skilled enough to fly frigates.

Because on :

Your bio says "dread pirate," but I notice the only people you "put the fear of God into" since you got popped in Ane are highsec newbie corps. Hell of a "dread pirate of the cold black" you are.

Ant on :

me like frigates. me like frigate tactics.

BR on :

Yeah, can't really read any of that...

Sniper061 on :

Sorry for the block of text, my story did have paragraphs, tabs, and all that editing goodness but I guess it didn't take. My "preview" function wasn't working so I couldn't see how it looked... Anybody know why the text wrapped the way it did, killmail included? I'm brand new to using the serendipity blog tool so I'm sure its something I screwed up.

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