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An Introduction and Fun with Miners

Eve is taking its nightly hour nap, so I'm going to try telling a story of the night's events as well as a short introduction. See, a friend that I used to work with suggested that I play his game of choice and after many start and stop attempts at giving Eve a shot, I finally made the plunge. I made a character and got some advice and a ship from my friend and before long there I was... munching rocks. Refining rocks. Hauling rocks. When I realized I had started naming my drones to alleviate the boredom, I knew the mining career was not for me,. Determined to make the best of my new start, I scrapped that character and went in search of some excitement.

And with that, Natasha Sterling and Slag Hags was born.

Cleared for publication by: Freaky
Now, a month later I'm the CEO of a small corp of pirate wenches (some of us real, some not, but all great people) known as Slag Hags. We don't really have a direction yet, as I'm still working that out by trying a little of everything, though I'm sure we'll find our small place in Eve somewhere. Anyway, on with the main story.

After flipping every jet-can I could get my hands on, I soon had the local reputation for being a pirate, or an ore-thief at the very least and it wasn't long before one of those unlucky miners awarded me with a 2mil bounty. (I was thrilled!) We shared a little banter in local chat that day and he suggested that I declare war on his corp. Well hmm... I didn't like the odds of 130 people and their alliance taking shots at me, but I did want to fight. A couple weeks later the problem was resolved as said miner left his big corp and joined with a few others that had left as well. A much more manageable bite to chew!

The war went live soon after, but my one corp member that can use agents hasn't been on as much lately and so for the first day or so I couldn't locate any war targets. You can imagine my excitement when while un-docking for a mission in my Thorax (I need standing for locators) I run into them hunting me! I was shocked at first, my blood screaming in my ears, I had no idea what was going on and so I ran. Jump after jump, 4 of them chased me, until i nearly lost my ship trying to break through a low-sec pirate gate camp.

"Let them follow me through that mess", I laughed to myself.

After I calmed down a bit, I logged onto an alt just to see what had been chasing me, and found them camping a fellow corp member at a station. Two Caracals, an Ares, and a Cheetah. Might be trouble. We chatted for awhile, and after they failed to catch her slipping out of the station, my corp mate decided to test their pvp skills. She had the Interceptor well into armor before they popped her Rifter, and sadly her pod soon after.

I decided then that I'd have my go at them with my Thorax. I quickly logged back onto my main and while scanning the system, found my dear friend "The Miner", at the same gate they had fought my corp-mate at. I warped, closed the distance with my MWD, and opened fire. His cruiser was well on its way to molten slag by the time the rest showed up. I kept my focus and soon it was just 3vs1. Then 2vs1....1vs1...

"Damn! I forgot to scramble the Cheetah!" I chided myself as I watched him barely limp away.

I was pretty bummed about missing that last kill, until I realized my Thorax had taken one hell of a beating and was still flying. Ok, barely flying with only 1/3 hull left, but still flying. My corp-mate showed up and helped loot the wrecks and we decided we'd let them lick their wounds for the night.

At least that was our plan. Not theirs. Attempt number two at trying to un-dock for that same mission found me face to face with them again. This time its another Caracal flown by the Miner, and a Jaguar flown by the Cheetah pilot. I lock the Miner's ship, as he has been my main target through all of this and start chewing away at his shields. They were stronger this time than before, but it still ended for him with the same result.

I noticed then, to my alarm, that some of the drones buzzing around my ship weren't mine and belonged to a BS sitting too far away from me to do anything about! Eek! I called for help from my corp member still in the station and focused on the one target I could fight. It didn't last long. The Jag's defenses were soon stripped away, and having learned my lesson from before, the slippery pilot didn't make it out of the fight this time with his t2 ship.

I warped out as the BS was starting to put serious dents in my Thorax and my corp mate, who had been fighting the drones that were attacking my ship, quickly grabbed the loot before any pesky station vultures got to it. She reported back that the BS had warped off.

Whew! That was amazing and around 18mil in modules. I started chatting with the cheetah/jaguar pilot, as he was not too pleased with the war and suggested if my fight was with The Miner then I should keep it that way and leave the rest of them alone. He was a nice guy and the conversation was light. That is, until he invited The Miner to the chat.

Here is some of the juicier/sillier quotes from him while he camped the station in his Raven......

u having fun repairing your ship over and over?

you looking forward to watching your back every night?

its u whio have to pay for the war every week and its us who gets the joy of hunting your ass acroos all of eve

Now there was a rumor going around that he was kicked from his last corp for macro mining and when i mentioned this by saying "you probably get bored mining anyway" "well.. if you were actually there mining and not letting a macro do it" things really heated up. He tells me I'm a fool for believing those rumors and his corp mate who had been quiet most of this time jumps in with..

if you keep accusing XXXXX of macro mining i will write a petition to CCP and get your whole corp banned. I asked for a copy.

The Miner ended the evening with a dire warning... "check around every corner...have fun" or maybe he was just offering advice on how to find them when they start hiding.

Thats all I have for now. Oh! and I just want to thank everyone who contributes to this wonderful site. With your fantastic stories and great advice, you've all shown me my new home in the Eve universe.


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Kha'Vorn on :

:-) Excellent.

I cant wait til I am involved like that...

Setana Manoro on :

Their threats are really empty.
It's an attempt to save face, when they got beaten a few times while having superior numbers. :-)

GL with it. :-)

Seditious Spyke on :

mannn i need to learn the fitting for that throax then ^.^

tell me tell me!

Anonymous on :

whoa! Cheap Auto Insurance, AND Life insurance? I'm there!

nah seriously great story, I also enjoyed how you refer to him as "The Miner", making him seem like the thirteen year old with poor grammar who we've all had to face.

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